Google Maps goof as user ‘accidentally sets up business’ while researching energy drinks

A misguided user appears to have accidentally set up a Google Maps business listing when they were typing in a question about energy drinks.

The new compant is called ‘What is In Energy Drinks’ and appears to be located at the person’s home address when looking at the street view.

Google has several authentication protocols to verify businesses on its maps service, such as a card being posted to the address, but it appears the person believed he had to fulfil them all just to get his answers.

And bizarrely enough, the listing has four five star reviews despite seemingly not being a business.

It was set up on Maple Drive but all may not be the mistake it seems to be as similar listing has been discovered on LinkedIn

A viral tweet by Twitter user @WaldorfSixpence reads: “I am reasonably sure that whoever lives at this residential address was attempting to use google but accidentally set up a business.”

However, a LinkedIn account lists the same business name and street as the map listing, meaning this might have not been a mistake.

As a description for the business, which lists 2011 as the company start date, it reads: “What is in energy drinks is dedicated to providing all and any information regarding energy drinks and what they contain.

“My goal is to educate you on the health effects ingredients in energy drinks have on the body so you can make decisions on which energy drink is best for you and hopefully choose a healthy alternative to your current drink and make you aware of the wide selection of drinks available.”

Although Google has several hoops to jump through in order to verify businesses on their Maps service, many people seem to have got past them.

One user made a listing covering Canada and the US with a business named “Crappy Trees”.

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Another user managed to get away with listing ‘Worst Apartment Building Ever’ on a building, while other listings had names like ‘why is my house such a mess’ around the state of California.

The majority of users’ amusement usually does not come from the listings but the unfortunate people getting caught out when Google’s car cam comes around.

Users have spotted a man with his pants down his ankles having a sex act performed on him, another appearing to have a poo in a field and even ‘Batman’ running in broad daylight.


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