Google Maps Street View user finds ‘weird thing’ while searching for Google’s HQ

A Google Maps user has made a bizarre discovery while searching for the internet search engine’s headquarters.

According to the Reddit profile ChromeXBoy they were searching for Google’s nerve centre using Street View when things took an unexpected turn.

In the post of Reddit ChromeXBoy wrote: “I searched up google’s headquarters, went to street view, look up at the sky, and found this weird thing…”

In the Reddit post a screenshot can be seen that seems to show an unidentified flying object hovering above the Google camera car in the sky.

The unnerving photograph appears to capture the exact moment before someone is beamed from the ground and into the alien spaceship.

Google Maps
(Image: LightRocket via Getty Images)

Google’s headquarters are in Mountain View in the Silicon Valley, California and one person who commented on the post suggested that the UFO was Google’s “true headquarters”.

Another profile commented: “Google is Skynet and the AI is in kindergarten stage with designing the hunter-killers.”

While no one could give a definitive answer to what the floating image was, it is not uncommon for glitches to be found on Street View.

Street View recently captured what appears to be a boy “steamrolled” in a street.

The alarming shot seems to show a boy’s legs stretched out and flat in the middle of a road, sparking fears online the youngster had been seriously injured.

It is likely the way the Street View car captured the scene as it drove along the road has distorted the image after the boy stood too close to the camera.

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