Google Maps user disturbed to find ‘disembodied horse legs’ on Montmartre street

A Google Maps user was left stunned when they found a pair of ‘disembodied horse legs’ on a busy street in Paris, Fance.

The user posted a link to the location of the sighting, claiming they were just exploring the French tourist spot, Montmartre when they saw them.

The caption on Reddit said: “Was looking around Montmartre and found a pair of elongated, disembodied horse legs.”

Street view shows the pair of brown horse legs stretched out across a busy cobbled street with people walking by.

However, there seems to be no sign of any blood so it can be safe to say no horses were hurt in the making of this one.

Google Maps user disturbed to find ‘disembodied horse legs’ on Montmartre street

It can be explained by the position changes of the horse as the camera went by.

The Google Maps camera is known for capturing moving images, which result in bizarre encounters when browsing new terrain.

Looking close enough, Google Maps is full of bizarre moments.

A two-headed dog, a magical floating limb, disappearing woman’s body on the beach, people with missing heads and even half a cat, prowling nonchalantly along a street, disembodied limbs, strange distended abdomens, and even iPhones embedded in bums.

Most recently another Reddit user sparked a debate after uploading a picture of a mysterious doorway they found on Google Maps. Amateur sleuths came up with a range of theories about what it could be.

One said: “It seems to be in Turkey, between Burdur and Denizli.

google maps app
Google maps is known for it’s bizarre moments caught on camera

“There are many ancient Greek cities in that part of the country: this thing could be a part of such an archaeological site. The closest one seems to be ‘Kibyra’ but it is still pretty far.

“Edit: I found some article in Turkish that there are some archaeological findings in Derekoy if anyone is interested.”

Another Reddit user helpfully commented that the doorway is on the planet “Uranus”.

A third added that it could be the entrance to a “tomb or burial site”.

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