Google Maps user reckons they have spotted ‘tear in the space time continuum’

A Google Maps user reckons they have spotted a “tear in the space time continuum”.

The eagle-eyed internet user spotted the curious scene in the South American country Bolivia.

The image was uploaded to Reddit, but other people were not convinced that the OP had made the incredible find.

One said: “Just a bright spot, the reflection of the sunlight in some shiny metallic (or glass like) stuff can cause that kind of white spots.”

The original posted responded: “Cool. All these years on Google Maps and I’ve never seen something like this.”

Another Reddit curiously blamed the mark on Donald Trump with no further explanation.

An internet user reckons this could be a “tear in the space time continuum”

The idea of a space time continuum comes from the work of legendary physicist Albert Einstein.

He concluded that space and time, rather than separate and unrelated, are actually interwoven into a single continuum (called space time) that spans multiple dimensions.

Google Maps users are often making interesting discoveries on the site.

Recently one noticed that a Burger King restaurant had been marked on a clearly uninhabited island.

Reddit users were left puzzled after the branch was spotted on a tiny island off the coast of Oman in Western Asia.

One quipped: “Google Maps data is telling some Whoppers.”

And another user spotted a UFO on Google Maps not far from the mysterious Area 51 base, sparking alien theories.

A small grey and white object was seen to the east as it flew high in the sky in Tahoe City, California, just over 300 miles from Area 51’s location in Nevada.

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