Google Maps user sparks debate after spotting ‘elephant lookalike stone’

A Google Maps sleuth says a rock in Antartica looks like an elephant but others disagree.

Reddit users have compared the bizarrely shaped chunk of Earth to a variety of animals, including a mountain lion and a horse in a debate kickstarted earlier this week.

On Wednesday someone with the username Darren Pinguin shared their strange discovery with the r/googlemapsshenanigans community.

According to Google Maps the image is a Street View snap of the Polar Geospatial Center in Antartica from January 2013.

Similar to an optical illusion, what the rock looks like appears to differ from person to person, with each offering a different perspective.

What do you see?

For Darren Pinguin however, there is only one animal visible in the desert hillside and that is one with a mighty big trunk.

They posted a screenshot with the caption: “Elephant lookalike stone in Antarctica”.

“After all the comments saying anything but elephant I am a little curious… but I still cant unsee it,” Darren added.

The most popular suggestion in the comments was that it was a horse but potentially looking at the exact same frame, others saw a mountain lion instead.

“I’m thinking broken down horse, but still cool,” another Google Maps fan shared.

A baby hippo was also thrown into the debate, as were Thundercats from someone with what can only be described as a brilliant imagination.

Despite the alternative views, seeing an elephant in the stone was the most common response.

One Reddit user joked: “It has elephantine quality beyond the extent to which it looks like an elephant.”

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Another asked: “I’m sorry how are people not seeing the elephant?”

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