Google Maps user spots ‘UFO casually flying over suburban England’

A Google Maps user reckons they have spotted a “UFO flying over suburban England”.

The internet browser uploaded the image to Reddit, which appears to show a shiny saucer-shaped object hovering over a row of houses.

It was uploaded with the tagline: “Just randomly found a UFO flying over suburban England.”

Other responders to the post were not so sure that the OP had actually spotted a UFO, though.

One wrote: “I see this happen a lot with reflections on google maps, a lot of cars have this if you look.”

A second agreed with this theory, writing: “Someone’s conservatory [glass roofed extension, see neighbours.]”

The jury is still out on whether the image shows a UFO. Stock image

A third suggested: “Looks more like camera damage.”

Other Reddit users were similarly convinced that the image does not show an alien spacecraft.

One wrote: “It’s an Unidentified Flying Object. Is it some sort of spaceship? Pretty sure it’s not.”

Another joked that it could be the “timelord”, referring to Doctor Who.

It is not the first time a Google Map user has made a curious find on the popular site.

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Recently, users were baffled after discovering a small blacked out island online.

It was compared to the secretive Area 51 or hit TV programme Lost.

The mysterious looking piece of land caused a stir for forum members on Reddit with one member refers to it as ‘God’s guitar pick.’

Google blacks out areas on maps when people on the database don’t want to be on there or want them to know what is going on there.

Meanwhile, another user sparked a debate after spotting an ‘elephant looking stone’ on the site.

The sighting in Antarctica led Reddit users to argue about what the rock actually looked like.

Others thought it looked like a horse or mountain lion.


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