Gordon Ramsay Looks Unrecognizable With Facial Hair

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s face is one of the most recognizable in America, as well as his native Britain, but he recently switched up his look with some facial hair and the results are interesting, to say the least. Though the Master Chef star is best known for his temper in the kitchen and his clean-shaven cheeks, he rocked a look that made him look like jolly “father Christmas.”

Gordon Ramsay Sports Brand New Facial Hair

Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, but forward-thinking chef Gordon Ramsay already has Christmas on his mind. That’s obvious in one of his latest Instagram photos, which features the 54-year-old father-of-five rocking a distinctly different look. 

In the picture, Ramsay wears a black polo shirt and matching black jeans while standing outside beside an RV. Several people who appear to be crew members of a set mill around in the background. Palm trees in the distance give away the fact that Ramsay is far from his home in Great Britain. The standout detail, of course, is what Ramsay is wearing on his face.  

The fake beard that Ramsay wore matched his ash blonde hair to a nearly unsettling degree. The hairpiece looked utterly natural on the chef’s face and if his following photos didn’t show him without the fake beard, we would have thought he grew it himself. A closer look at the edges of the beard wig shows that it’s completely fake, however.

Ho Ho Ho?

In the caption, a cheeky Ramsay wrote, “Winters coming, I’m growing my beard,” adding an emoji of a man with a beard before continuing, “father Christmas,” alongside an adorable Santa emoji. 

It would appear that the beard is part of some upcoming project for one of Gordon Ramsay’s many culinary shows. The crew members in the background, not to mention the giant RV, gave away the fact that this wasn’t just a bit of fun Ramsay was having on his own time. We’re not exactly sure which show prompted Ramsay to show off this new look, but fans in the comment section had their own theories. 

Preparing To Change A Restaurant’s Fate?

Many fans believed the famed celebrity chef was filming for his show Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell And Back, which features Ramsay donning a number of disguises before helping struggling restaurants revamp their menus and renovate within 24 hours. “Is this another undercover episode?” one person asked with a crying laughing emoji. Another wrote, “Somebody is about to get surprised. Gordon is going incognito. Love it!” If he really is filming for his latest hit reality show, let’s hope his disguise holds up!


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