Gordon Ramsay refuses to tone down swearing for new BBC show Future Food Stars

Gordon Ramsay is back on our TV screens with his brand new show, Future Food Stars.

Fans of the foul-mouthed angry chef will be delighted to learn that Gordon won’t beholding back his language on the Apprentice-style cooking show.

The 54-year-old chef previously hosted gameshow Bank Balance where he reined in his usual chat – but it only lasted one series before being axed by the BBC.

Chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay attends the 13th annual Vegas Uncork’d

As reported in The Mirror, his show involved contestants attempt to win by placing and balancing different-sized stacks of bars on a balancing board via answering questions from the TV chef.

Bank Balance aired in February 2021 and left some viewers feeling host Gordon had been “toned down” for the gig – with many missing the star speaking without a filter.

Future Food Stars – known by the apt acronym FFS – will see the sweary chef return to form and do what he does best.

A TV insider told The Sun: “This will be unrestricted Gordon doing what he does best: inspiring, mentoring, challenging and cooking with a healthy dollop of swearing.

“He was very much toned down on Bank Balance. Add in the dreadful Covid rules and it was stilted and uncomfortable – not at all the Gordon that everyone loves.”

The source went on to add that Gordon performs best on shows like ITV’s Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trips – where the star is allowed to be himself.

Just like his Channel 4 show, The F Word, Future Food Stars, aka FFS, is a nod to the dad-of-five’s love of swearing.

The new series will involve 12 entrepreneurs hoping to receive a life-changing restaurant investment.

Speaking about the upcoming show, a TV insider told The Sun earlier this year that Future Food Stars will give a “sense of hope” to the struggling hospitality industry.

The source said in April: “The Beeb will start filming in the summer. It was meant to get under way last year but was cancelled due to the pandemic.

“Now the hospitality industry is getting back on its feet after ­taking such a battering, there’s a real sense of hope and opportunity out there, which is what this prime-time show is all about.”

Elsewhere in the Ramsay family, Gordon’s daughter Tilly Ramsay is currently enjoying a successful stint on Strictly Come Dancing.

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The teenage TikTok star recently moved dad Gordon to tears during one performance on the BBC series with partner Nikita Kuzmin.

Away from the dancefloor, rumours have been circulating that the 19-year-old and her dance partner have been enjoying a on-camera romance.

Speaking to new! magazine earlier this week, a source close to the star claimed that Tilly is “worried” about the persistent speculation.

“Tilly is loving being on the show but she wants to concentrate on her dancing. Feeling like she’s under the microscope with everyone analysing her body language with Nikita is really stressing her out,” the source said.

“She’s worried about annoying Nikita’s girlfriend and though she and Nikita do get on brilliantly, she’s anxious about it appearing that she’s trying to make a move on someone else’s boyfriend.”


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