Gordon Ramsay says he and wife Tana are ‘contemplating’ having sixth baby

Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he and his wife Tana Ramsay are “contemplating” over the idea of having a sixth baby.

Speaking in a new interview, the 54-year-old Scots TV chef revealed that he and Tana, 47, have spoken about the possibility of trying for another child, two years after they welcomed youngest son Oscar.

The couple, who have been married for 25 years, are already parents to Megan, 23, twins Jack and Holly, 21, Tilly, 19, and their youngest Oscar, two.

Gordon reportedly joked during an interview with Daily Mail’s You Magazine that Tana was four months pregnant before quickly clarifying: “Tana’s going to kill me. I’m joking. No, we discussed having another baby. I said it was a great idea.”

The famous chef, who recently broke down in tears watching daughter Tilly on Strictly Come Dancing, continued: “She said: ‘Well, let’s start planning’.

“So I’m like: ‘Oh my god, just pause for two seconds. I’m going to be the oldest dad at school, what’s going to happen on sports day?’ But it’s something we’d still consider, because it’s been such a joy spending time with Oscar.”

He sweetly added: “Just watching his first walks on the beach at Daymer Bay. Watching his first little mouthfuls of food. It has kept us super-active and made us better parents.”

Proud dad Gordon showed his emotional side as he couldn’t stop crying as he watched his daughter Tilly perform on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday.

Tilly performed an incredible Charleston and shocked everyone in the audience when she blew them all away with her pace and difficult moves.

Famously tough Gordon became overwhelmed with emotion as he watched his daughter perform.

As the camera kept trying to zoom in on the star’s face, he turned away and tried to hide his tears.

The teenager is paired up with brand new professional dancer Nikita Kuzmin on the hugely-popular BBC competition.

While their first week was deemed a success and a brilliant start to the TikTok star’s journey on the show, all the judges said Tilly had room to improve and she came back fighting with the Charleston.

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