‘GoT’ Creator George RR Martin Has A New Graphic Novel In The Works

When fans hear the name George Raymond Richard Martin (GRRM,) one of the first thoughts they would probably have is “Game of Thrones,” and that’s absolutely right. The creator, although working behind the scenes, is responsible for one of the most streamed series of all time.

Like every creator, stopping at one magnificent work is not enough; the process is continuous, and that’s why Martin recently disclosed that he is working on a new graphic novel titled “Voyaging.” Martin first wrote a series titled “A Song Of Ice And Fire,” which was later adapted to create the “GoT” series.

Although the creator has not fully disclosed whether this new book will also become a movie adaptation, fans will be excited whether they get to read the book or watch it. According to Martin, the idea for this new book came to him a long time ago, and if he waited this long to finally start working on it, there’s an assurance that the novel will be exceptional.

More Details About The Novel

According to an announcement on Martin’s blog, the new novel will follow in the path of his other works, as he will introduce heroes, villains, legends and overall incredible characters to his audience. However, he noted in the website that none of these characters will ‘be more colorful’ than the main character known as Haviland Tuf, a trader and ecological engineer.

Facebook | George R.R. Martin

“… Haviland Tuf, the protagonist of a long series of stories I collected together in the fix-up Tuf Voyaging,” he wrote.

Martin has earlier stated that it has always been on his mind to write about this mind-blowing character, and all he needed to do, was gather more stories to form a series that will go down in history just like “GoT” did. Every expectation for this novel has been heightened online since Martin revealed his thoughts on his blog.

The writer put his current mood about this novel as ‘bouncy’ on his blog.

A Television Future

On his blog, Martin shared a cryptic message with his fans, when he hinted that the novel may have a future on television. However, he made sure not to explicitly determine or promise anything until it becomes a fact. For now, the novelist is trying to focus on completing this novel.

The only certainty that the 72-year-old has given to his elated fanbase, is that the novel will be released in 2023.

“From time to time, I’ve even played with the idea of a television series about Turf and his adventures. The stories are presently under option, as it happens, but– well, that hasn’t come to pass yet either,” he wrote.

As Martin does his best to bring this work of art to life for the world to see, fans are rooting for the writer and hopes it all works out well for him and the main character in the end.

A Long Time Coming

Still speaking about when he got the idea for this new novel, Martin went on to state that during the 80s, he once planned to work on a second collection of stories that he would have titled “Twice As Tuf.” However, the need for completing other works came along, and he had had to put off this special novel.

From the looks of it, this new novel has a very special place in Martin’s heart because it he mentioned that it is something he always wanted to do as far back as the 80s. The novelist, who is now in his early 70s, wants to make sure that he completes this beautiful piece as soon as possible.

A cover photo for George RR Martin's novel
Facebook | George R.R. Martin

While fans wait for this new graphic novel’s release, they are still expecting the writer to be done with the sixth instalment of his old novel “A Song Of Ice And Fire.” The writer noted on his blog that he has fallen behind on writing the novel, but it will be completed soon.

Will This Be Martin’s Last Novel?

Many writers and/or novelists put more energy into their final piece before they decide that it’s time to retire. Although many have speculated in the past that Martin will soon retire, the novelist does not seem to be heading in that direction yet.

Nevertheless, he disclosed that this new novel is something he has always wanted to do, but did not have the time for it, and now, he has the opportunity to finally bring the story alive. If he is planning to work on something that he has thought of for a decades, it’s not bizarre for fans to think that this is the novelist’s final work.

Notwithstanding, Martin has not made any announcement regarding his retirement, and fans plan to support him till the very end. Of course, whenever he says that is.

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