GOT7 Mark Relationship Status 2021: Here’s Why He is Rumored to be Dating BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Mark debuted as the lead rapper of JYP Entertainment-formed boy group, GOT7, back in 2014. Since then, he and GOT7 became one of the top boy groups in South Korea and all over the world, becoming a fan-favorite for not only their amazing music skills but also for their fun personalities. With Mark’s successful career, his life has widespread media attention, so it’s no wonder many are curious about Mark’s dating life.

In fact, many believe that he and BLACKPINK’s Rosé are in a secret relationship. Why is he linked to the BLACKPINK member? Keep on reading to find out!

GOT7 Mark’s Dating Rumor with BLACKPINK Rosé

Mark and Rosé have been embroiled in dating rumors since earlier this year after fans began speculating that the two may have been dropping hints of their alleged relationship through their social media accounts.

The dating rumors began back in 2018, when Mark shared a short clip of his solo track, “OMW,” with the caption “ON MY WAY,” on his Instagram.

(Photo : Instagram: @marktuan)

And on the same day, the BLACKPINK member shared a photo of herself during her trip to New York, which also included the caption “on my way.” With this, fans began to believe that the captions were somehow connected to each other.

Their dating rumors resurfaced back in January of this year after Rosé shared a photo on her Instagram of her out in the snow and all bundled up, along with the caption, “Baby it’s cold outside.”

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(Photo : Instagram: @roses_are_rosie)
‘Baby it’s cold outside’

Hours later, Mark also posted a similar photo of himself outside in the snow, wearing a similar outfit to Rosé. But what netizens caught onto was Mark’s caption which said, “Not cold at all… #coldashell.”

GOT7 Mark

(Photo : Instagram: @marktuan)
‘Not cold at all… #coldashell’

While the caption seems looked like it didn’t mean much, netizens speculated that his caption was a response to Rosé’s.

Though the rumor seemed to have died down once again after that, reports of their relationship were once again sparked in September.

Both Mark and Rosé are currently in Paris to attend this year’s 2022 Paris Fashion Week, with Rosé leaving South Korea back on September 25 with fellow BLACKPINK member, Jisoo, to represent their respective brands Saint Laurent and Dior.

BLACKPINK Rosé and Jisoo

(Photo : Instagram: @sooyaaa__)

While in Paris, Rosé and Jisoo spent some time in the “Country of Love” by visiting popular tourist spots and hanging out with friends. The two recently went for a visit to the Eiffel Tower, with Jisoo sharing a photo of them on her Instagram account.

And two days after Jisoo posted their photo, Mark also shared shared photos of him at the Eiffel Tower, making netizens speculate that he and Rosé spent some time together.

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GOT7 Mark

(Photo : Instagram: @marktuan)

Are Mark and Rosé Dating?

With netizens continuously speculating that the two are in a relationship, Mark took to his Twitter account to shut down rumors.

In a now-deleted tweet, Mark said, “Yall too funny… stop now,” along with a clown emoji. Although the tweet did not explicitly mention what is was about, fans immediately knew it was about the rumor.

Mark and Rosé dating rumor

(Photo : Twitter: @RosieRosipose)

Currently, Mark is not dating anyone publicly, nor was he confirmed to be dating anyone in the past.

His ideal type, however, is someone who makes him want to stay by her side and spend time with her. As he doesn’t like chic girls, Mark wants someone simple – someone with who he can go out on simple dates, have dinner, and talk for a long time.

In addition, his ideal type is someone who is both cute and sexy. And most importantly, someone who is always calm and kind.

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