Grace Threatens The Baileys To Runaway With Glory In Rejection Revenge

Coronation Street” spoilers reveal that the Baileys are set to face an intense week as a result of Michael’s confession about his true feelings for Grace in the upcoming scenes.

Michael (Ryan Russell) has regretted reigniting the flame with Grace Vickers (Kate Spencer) when she came back to her life the second time after facing her comeuppance in prison.

Corrie viewers first saw Grace in 2019 when she deceived Michael into believing that his child with her is alive. Michael uncovers Grace’s secrets when she abducted Tiana in order not to miss their flights to move abroad.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Paternity

Michael then learned that Tiana isn’t her child as the latter isn’t related to Grace, only she’s the nanny of the child.

After spending years in prison, Grace came back with a bombshell confession that she’s pregnant with their child for real. Despite her bad records, Michael welcomed her to the Baileys to ensure the child will grow up with a complete family.

But next week, Michael reaches the end of his rope and acknowledges his true feelings about Grace. Is he ready for the fallout?

Coronation Street Spoilers – Grace Vickers Demands Own House For Own Family

Grace desires to have her own family house after Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) shows her the house he and Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) acquired in an auction, informing her about their plans to revamp and rent it out.

She’s filled with hope when she tells Ed about her wish for Michael and Glory and he responds positively by offering advice and financial help.

But things get awkward when Grace shares her vision with Michael, but he feigns excitement. Grace can tell he’s reluctant about the idea, so he informs her about a job offer in Hull she wants to take.

Michael doesn’t want to let her go as she’ll bring Glory with her, so he suggests holding off that dream house for a while until his business is established.

He later regrets his choices when Grace offers to work with him on the business. Later in the week, uncle Ronnie observes Michael is not being himself and encourages him the only way out of his problems is for him to come clean.

Dreading at first, Michael chooses freedom and admits he’s not in love with her and he’s only in for baby Glory’s sake. Is it a good move?

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