‘Gran banned me from modelling but I didn’t listen – now I have 1.6 million fans’

An Instagram model has opened up about her journey to success.

Lauren Alexis has felt comfortable in front of the camera since she was a teenager.

But at the time, some of her family members were apprehensive about her signing up to the modelling industry.

The 22-year-old, from Essex, told the Daily Star: “I originally got into modelling at age 13 but was forced to stop by my grandmother.

“Since then I have always been very interested in pursuing a modelling career.”

Instead of becoming a traditional pin-up star, Lauren decided social media would be a great tool to use instead.

Lauren always dreamed of being a model – even though it went against her gran’s wishes

Lauren joined Instagram in April 2017 and roped in family and friends to take pictures for her.

It took years to build up her following, which she did by sharing sexy snaps consistently.

The influencer said: “It took me nearly four years to get my Instagram to where it is now.

“From having no followers to having over 1.6 million followers.

“It was a difficult journey, but I survived and still have a long way to go.”

Lauren Alexis
Lauren spent years building up her social media platform

Lauren Alexis
She says working as a social media star is harder than it looks

While some assume working on social media is easy, Lauren says this is far from the truth.

She said: “It is much more difficult than it appears.

“Everything that is seen on screen, and social media accounts are only a small portion of the work we do.

“Before these shoots, live sessions, and other events are presented to the audience, they must be scheduled, planned, and organised.

“In the background, my team and I are doing a lot more work.”

Lauren Alexis
Lauren shared her top tips for other aspiring influencers

And for those looking to get into the industry, hard work and consistency is key.

Lauren added: “The most important piece of advice I would give to others is to focus on quality, consistency, and knowing your target audience.

“Knowing your audience provides insight into the types of posts you should publish.

“Finally, quality is essential. Aside from maintaining quality, I make sure that each post contains something fresh and new.”

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