Gran frames graduation pics and makes funny tribute to grandson who didn’t do uni

Graduating from university is always a proud moment, especially to show off your big achievement with family members.

However for some, university isn’t always the right choice.

This means missing out on a lot of student debt and, more importantly, a coveted place on your proud parents’ wall.

Knowing this, a funny nan had included all her grandkids’ graduation pictures amongst a hilarious snap of her tradesman grandson.

TikTok user @amywx5 took to the social media video sharing app to share her doting nan’s sweet gesture.

The viral clip starts off by showing the gran’s graduated grandkids, noting: “When your nan puts her grandkids graduation photos on the wall but doesn’t want to leave out a grandson that didn’t go to uni.”

The camera pans across all of the graduation photos

The camera pans the wall to show framed pictures of four graduated grandkids – and viewers eagerly wait for the reveal of the photo of the grandson who didn’t attend.

Instead of wearing the graduation robe and holding a scroll, the lad dons his high vis, a construction hat and a power drill!

The woman captioned the viral video: “got to love your grandparents” – and it’s now garnered 7.8 million views and 1.6 million likes.

People flooded the comment section praising the gran for loving her grandchildren equally by including them all on her wall.

Tradesman grandson "graduation" picture
People loved the tribute to the tradesman grandson

One user said: “That’s actually so cute that she celebrates them all the same.”

Another person added: “ I love that! College isn’t for everyone! We definitely need more skilled trade workers.”

A third user commented: “We need to normalise not going to uni. Brilliant nan idea.”

Nan’s aren’t just good for biscuits after all!

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