Grant Shapps advises drivers to avoid bringing plastic water bottles to fill up at gas stations during the current fuel crisis.

Grant Shapps has urged the public not to stockpile petrol in plastic water bottles, claiming that Britain is seeing “first signs of stabilization” amid the ongoing fuel crisis.

As part of a package of measures to ease the ongoing crisis, the Transport Secretary confirmed that the Army will assist in the refilling of gasoline pumps.

“We’re starting to see very tentative signs of stabilisation, though that will not yet reflect itself in queues,” Mr Shapps told Sky News.

“As soon as we can resume normal purchasing habits, we must all do our part.” It’s dangerous to bring water bottles to stations,” he added. It comes after photos circulated on social media in recent dаys showing drivers filling multiple jerry cаns, contаiners, аnd plаstic wаter bottles with gаsoline.

Yesterday, I saw 5 litre water bottles filled with gasoline at Cobham Services on the M25.

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