Grayson Chrisley Celebrates No More Braces With A Sugary Bang

Chrisley Knows Best fans watch in awe at how grown up Todd’s youngest son, Grayson Chrisley is. Some eagle-eyed fans may have even noticed that the teenager has a mouth full of braces. Well, that’s all changed now. The Chrisley USA Instagram page shares a video clip in celebration of Grayson getting his braces off. Keep reading to find out more about this celebration.

Chrisley Knows Best star Grayson Chrisley ditches braces

Recently, the Chrisley USA page shares a clip of what the teenage baseball player does when he gets his braces off. The video begins with a street view of The Legendairy Milk Shake Bar. Once inside, big sister, Savannah wants to know what in the world Grayson is bringing to the table. Chase’s face looks amazed at what his little brother orders. Grayson’s milkshake looks like it has every sugary treat under the sun on it.

USA Network Chrisley Knows Best

Next, Grayson explains that his milkshake has all of the things he couldn’t eat while he had braces. At this point Todd chimes in. He explains that everything he couldn’t it, isn’t everything that he should eat. While Savannah agrees with her dad, Grayson just says, “I’m back, baby.”

In the comment section, fans come to Grayson’s defense. A couple of them point out that he’s still a kid and should be able to eat what he wants. Even the caption implies that it’s okay. The Chrisley USA team writes that Grayson earned it!

Grayson is all grown up

Like many of the comments on anything on Instagram that features Grayson Chrisley, fans can’t get over how much he’s grown. Fans also take notice of the fact that his voice is noticeably deeper now.

Todd and Julie Chrisley even recognize that Grayson is growing up. On their podcast, Chrisley Confessions, they regularly talk about his accomplishments. Julie mentions that he keeps his own schedule. Which is no small feat since he has to keep up with school, baseball, filming, and his own business ventures.

Chrisley Knows Best Grayson Chrisley new ride
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What do you think about Grayson Chrisley’s post-braces milkshake selection? Have you ever had braces? What was one of the first things you wanted to eat once you got them off? Let us know in the comment section below.

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