‘Grease’ Prequel ‘Rise of the Pink Ladies’ Greenlit at Paramount+

Just when you thought the 20teens-20’s have ruined pretty much every decent movie and television show out there by rebooting or creating a sequel or a prequel, Paramount + has one upped us all by announcing they have greenlit a Grease prequel series- Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.

Originally floated by HBO Max, the streaming service canned the project, then named Grease: Rydell High. After a management change at HBO Max, the series was scrapped, only to be picked up and rehaulled by Paramount +. The do-over also saw the name change to the Star Wars-esque- Grease: Rise of The Pink Ladies.

‘Grease’ Prequel ‘Rise of the Pink Ladies’ Greenlit at Paramount+

Head writer, Annabel Oakes has some impressive credits to her name with her best known work being on hit teen series Awkward and Atypical. Oakes has remained attached to the series through all of its changes and will serve as showrunner.

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies takes place four years before the movie, Grease takes off. The tagline to the series reads: “Before rock ‘n’ roll ruled, before the T-Birds were the coolest in the school, four fed-up, outcast girls dare to have fun on their own terms, sparking a moral panic that will change Rydell High forever.

In that case we should be meeting approximately 14 year old Rizzo, Jan, Frenchie and Marty (originally portrayed by Stockard Channing, Jamie Donnelly, Didi Conn and Dinah Manoff in the 1978 movie sensation)

No Sandy Olsen (originally Olivia Newton John) looks set to appear. Four years prior to Grease she was being a good little girl in Australia.

The a musical series claims to reimagine the beloved movie with some familiar characters (please let that include eventual Pink Ladies from the campiest movie of all time, Grease 2!), as well as a host of new ones.

As yet, no cast is attached to the project that sounds like a 1950’s version of High School Musical which was inherently a poor facsimile of the Grease movie.

Oh, and if this new series hasn’t got you rolling your eyes hard enough yet, a movie length Grease prequel is also in the works.

Is it really that hard to come up with an original idea, Hollywood?

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