Great British Bake Off slammed as first vegan contestant Freya Cox forced to use animal products

Great British Bake Off viewers have slammed the Channel 4 baking show after a vegan contestant was forced to used animal products in this week’s technical challenge.

Freya Cox, 19, is the first vegan contestant to take part on the baking show and she took to Instagram before the episode aired to apologise to fellow vegan and plant-based fans.

The talented teen said she was desperate to prove to the world that there will always be a substitute to animal products in order save animals lives.

Noel and Freya.

However, vegan baker Freya was forced to use dairy products during the famous technical challenge during bread week.

Explaining the situation on her Instagram before the episode aired, Freya penned: “I was desperate to show the world vegan baking is just as exciting with the hope to inspire people to give it a go.

“For obvious reasons I wasn’t able to change the technical challenge as it would mean the whole show was unfair.”

Psychology student Freya is the youngest contestant among this year’s cast of bakers on the show, and after it was confirmed that 19-year-old had no other choice but to use animal products, campaigners and vegans hit out in their droves to support the young star.

Director of animal welfare group Peta, Elisa Allen hit out at GBBO’s producers and called the decision ‘disgraceful’.

She insisted it could compel contestants to ‘violate their ethical, religious, or other principles’.

“We’re in the midst of a vegan revolution, and the producers are taking the cake by not allowing contestants to ‘veganise’ recipes in the technical challenge,” she added.

If Freya was only to use vegan products, Elisa said that it would ‘enhance and enliven’ the competition and inspire viewers to try alternative plant-based recipes, instead of giving in and giving up at the first hurdle.

Another campaigner suggested that it makes sense producers would ensure vegan products are used during every task if the show had welcomed its very first vegan baker.

“It’s rather silly that Freya had to use animal products when she’s been advertised and bigged-up as the first vegan contestant. That’s a huge slap in the face to every vegan out here in the UK. Oh, so should we just pick and choose when to eat dairy? No, it doesn’t work like that,” someone else fumed on Twitter.

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It comes after Freya was forced to quit social media before the show has even started after cruel trolls targeted her online due to her veganism.

Viewers branded her ‘contradicting’ due to her love of horse-riding which some have deemed ‘cruel’.

The psychology student was forced to delete her page called Freya Cox Eventing after keyboard warriors took aim at her equestrian achievements.

On the page, Freya had gushed about how excited she was to join the iconic show as the first vegan baker as she refrained from using any animal products.

However, eagle-eyed fans rushed to slam the star, claiming that her ‘ethics’ are all wrong if he considers horse-riding as a kind.

Some vegans believe the sport is outrageously cruel because the horses are not given a choice and other consider it ‘non-vegan’ because of the potential threat of pain and cruelty to the animals involved.


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