Groom branded ‘legend’ for sneakily watching rugby at wedding – but bride’s not impressed

On their first wedding anniversary, a couple have gone viral after sharing an amusing memory from their special day, which saw the groom sneakily watching a rugby match during the reception dinner

Groom branded ‘legend’ for sneakily watching footy at wedding

A wedding can be one of the most important days of a person’s life and many people hope it will run smoothly.

But like most things in life, it’s unlikely that everything will be completely perfect and there are bound to be one or two things that happen unexpectedly.

When planning her dream day, one bride certainly hadn’t counted on her new husband trying to sneakily watch a rugby match during their wedding dinner.

One year ago today, a couple from Australia named Dani and Blake tied the knot and everything was magical until the bride spotted her partner propping his phone up against the wedding cake stand.

Blake had positioned his phone in a spot opposite the top table, so he could keep up with an NRL game between the Penrith Panthers and Cronulla Sharks.

(The Panthers won, just in case you were curious…)

To mark their first wedding anniversary, Dani shared a clip on their TikTok account, @daniandblake, showing her reaction to her husband’s actions on the big day.

She says: “I still can’t believe my husband did this at our wedding.”

The camera pans from Blake’s phone screening the game over to Dani in her wedding dress looking rather unimpressed by the whole situation.

Behind her, Blake is focused on watching the sport, until he turns to look straight at whoever was filming them both.

He then justifies the whole thing by shrugging and simply saying: “The footy’s on.”

Clearly, they can both laugh about it now though and with a large audience sharing in the fun, as the hilarious clip has since been viewed more than three million times and garnered over 226,000 likes.

Thousands also took the time to comment on the video, with some branding Blake a “legend” for managing to watch the game at his wedding.

One person said: “Absolute legend!!!”

Another wrote: “Good on him what a legend.”

A third added: “I can’t believe you would organise a wedding while the footy was on.”

Others joked they would never marry someone into sports after watching the video, while some recalled how their own partners had done similar things on their big day.

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