Gruesome video captures moment huge splinter of wood is removed from man’s foot

We’ve all had a wooden splinter get stuck in a finger or a toe, right? The general consensus is that these things are unbelievably painful no matter how big or how small they are.

Well, a viral clip that has been viewed more than three million times on Twitter will have you equally fascinated and wincing in agony at the size of a splinter removed from one man’s foot.

Be warned: this 44-second clip might be the most shocking thing you see today and will make you think twice about walking around barefoot.

According to the rather bemused doctor in the clip, Jake – the man whose foot is being examined – had complained about a splinter being in his foot but they couldn’t find anything.

Yet upon further inspection via an x-ray, the full horror of what was buried in Jake’s foot became apparent to all.

In the oddly satisfying clip, the doctor says: “Now, a couple of weeks later, this little guy – oh my gosh – I guess the X-ray wasn’t kidding.”

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As he gently digs away at the skin and pushes on the area of the foot where the splinter has penetrated a huge shard of wood, that is bigger than Jake’s toes, erupts from the skin, like something from a horror movie.

“Oh my god! This is a great video! We got that on video!” yells the excited medic who gleefully enquires as to whether it was captured on camera.

Thankfully it was captured on film and people have been shared their shock and awe ever since.

Comically Jake adds at the end of the video: “Is it out?”

Yes, it is out Jake. What we want to know is how on Earth you walked around with that in your foot for a few weeks?


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