Guy Explores Walking Dead-Like Abandoned Hospital

Abandoned Nashville/YouTube

It’s nearly Halloween, and therefore the perfect season to watch creepy urban exploration videos.

One such video has recently been uploaded to the YouTube channel Abandoned Nashville, which sees channel creator Jeremy explore an eerie abandoned hospital.

In footage many commenters have likened to The Walking Dead, Jeremy can be seen walking around the hospital all by himself in the dead of night. The place was abandoned back in the early 2000s, medical equipment and beds left to decay.

According to Jeremy, the hospital is still filled with a number of medical items, including biohazard materials, patient records and even vials of forgotten blood samples.

The footage shows Jeremy walk through operating theatres gone to rack and ruin, with unsettling graffiti adorning the walls.

In one room, the words ‘don’t leave!’ can be seen scrawled in red above a stained bed, while another wall bears just one word, ‘help’.

The video could have been taken straight from a dystopian horror, and many have expressed amazement that Jeremy had the courage to wander its halls alone. However, as he explained to one aghast commenter, ‘I always feel scared. I think that’s why I do it alone.’

When asked by another viewer whether he’d experienced anything unusual at the spooky site, Jeremy revealed:

This hospital is sealed shut with boards and barricades over the windows and all doors chained up. I was walking through one of the rooms when down the hall, a door slammed out of nowhere.

It scared the hell out of me. I was convinced someone else was in the building and I hid for a while in the pitch black dark. Nothing ever happened after that and I eventually continued filming.

Give the video a watch for yourself, but maybe keep the lights on…


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