Guy Was Fired for ‘Reduced Efficiency’ While Mourning His Parents Death Who Died in Car Accident

As a child, your worst fear is losing your parents, and as you get older, the fear becomes more tangible. So when they do die, it takes time for people to accept the truth and cope with the loss. Unfortunately for one man, his heartbreaking loss and grief resulted in him losing his job. 

When either one of your parents dies, they leave a void inside your heart that no one else can fill. You can’t fathom how you would live your life without them. It takes time to absorb the truth and accept that you have to live on your own. Grieving the death of a parent is different for every person.

Some people quickly accept the truth and handle the situation very well, while others need support from their friends and family to get over their irreplaceable loss. They need other people to understand their situation and give them time to overcome their sadness.


Losing both your parents at once is beyond heartbreaking, especially if it’s a sudden unexpected death caused by a car crash. From feelings of anger and guilt to resentment and sadness, it will cause a lot of emotional turmoil.

For one man, this was reality. The man, who worked as a Sales Development Representative at a software company, lost his parents in a car accident. His superior, the VP of sales, posted the story on Reddit to get support from other Redditors by explaining what happened to him, the employee at work.

The OP (Original Poster) shared a few details about the employee. She stated that the guy is young and has been working with them for almost ten months. Due to his hard work, his manager planned to give him a raise.

It’s important to note that he already had a relatively high salary compared to other people his age, so the employer expected him to deliver excellent results. Little did he know that he would lose his parents and that it would negatively affect his performance at work.

After taking a short break, the employee returned to work a month after his parents had passed away. His manager and other employees noticed he was behaving strangely. He lacked motivation and could not deliver the expected results.

Returning to work after a loved one’s death isn’t easy as the person is still grieving. Mistakes and forgetfulness are often linked to emotional exhaustion which results from the grieving process.

The management realized that the 22-year-old boy would need a lot more time to recover from the tragedy. One month wasn’t enough for him to handle the grief, and giving him another month was out of the question. They couldn’t wait for him to adjust to his new life without his parents.

Thus, management decided the best solution would be to fire the employee. Unfortunately, this made it appear as though they had failed to understand what he was going through and were unconcerned about their employee’s mental health.

The OP and her team scheduled a meeting with the employee to discuss their final decision. They expected him to accept the decision without causing a scene. They were stunned when the employee lost his cool and lashed out at the entire team.

After his outburst, the man left the meeting room and went back to his workstation, where he began aggressively collecting up his things from his desk before storming out of the office.

The OP asked other users if she was at fault. Many responded to her, saying it was wrong to fire someone without prior notice, while others called her “heartless” for firing the 22-year-old who was already depressed after losing his parents.

After reading the comments, the OP realized that she was at fault and updated the post saying that the boy was now living with his girlfriend. She went on to say she was trying to get in touch with him to make amends.

We’d love to know about your experiences. Leave a comment if you have any advice for people who are grieving their parents’ death.


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