Gwen Stefani Throwing Shade At Blake Shelton’s Ex-Wife By Photoshopping Her Out Of Old Photo? See What Has Fans Upset

Gwen Stefani in all black, performing on stage.

Entertainment and celebrity gossip sites are abuzz this morning about a new post from Gwen Stefani on her social media. In the photo, Stefani is standing with her husband Blake Shelton on the red carpet of an awards show. Nothing too strange about that, right? Well, the photo shows a younger Stefani in her signature No Doubt-era look in a cutoff shirt and track pants with a younger Shelton from 2003. So what’s the controversy? Some are saying Stefani disrespected Shelton’s ex-wife by photoshopped herself over Kaynette Williams. Let’s take a look at the facts.

Photoshop Fail?

Three things are true about the photo. The photo is of Shelton from the CMAs in 2003, which he did attend with Williams. It’s also a photo of Gwen Stefani from 2004, or at least the early 00s when her solo career was first breaking big. The post is also obviously photoshopped, as the two didn’t even meet until many years later when both were judges on The Voice.

The photo is captioned “#NewProfilePic” and the comments from some fans have been harsh. “Photoshop fail and disrespect to Kaynette Williams,” wrote one commenter. “Could’ve chosen a million pics from him from award shows. Petty to use one and photoshop an ex-wife out of it,” wrote another.

Stefani’s Post Isn’t What It Is Claimed

While the photo was clearly altered to add a young Stefani, it did not photoshop Williams out. The photo Stefani used was one of Blake Shelton alone on the red carpet, not one in which he appeared with his then-wife. Really, there is nothing disrespectful at all, in fact, it’s actually kind of cute. It’s not like Stefani is the first person to think of doing this. Here’s the original of Shelton:

Photo of Blake Shelton from 2003 at the CMAs. The same photo used in the photoshop by Gwen Stefani.
(Getty Images)

Not everyone was upset, however. Other commenters had a little fun with it, digging up old photos of both singers from various ages from childhood on and worked some photoshop magic.

And yes, if you are wondering, it is now Gwen Stefani’s new profile pic on Twitter.

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