Half of UK adults are convinced they’ll have a better day with a strict morning routine, finds study

MORE THAN half of UK adults believe they’ll have a better day if they have a strict morning routine, according to research.

After getting up at 7am, having breakfast is one of the top-rated things that helps Brits have a positive day (34 per cent) – with cereal (34 per cent), toast (19 per cent), and porridge (13 per cent) the most popular choices.



Having breakfast is one of the top-rated morning activities Britons think they should doCredit: Getty

Sorting out the home is another way adults regularly set themselves up for a good day, by hanging out the washing (15 per cent), tending to housework (12 per cent), and doing the dishes (11 per cent).

However, when it comes to the school holidays, parents have happily done away with their strict routines, finds the study, which was commissioned by Nutella.

Almost half of those surveyed (49 per cent) admit to mixing up their mornings during the summer months, and 63 per cent have been making the most of the slower pace of life and not having to rush around.

They’re also more likely to try new breakfast recipes (51 per cent) or enjoy the extra quality time spent with family in the morning (55 per cent).

Our research shows that 51 per cent of parents have used the summer holidays to try new breakfast recipes

James StewartNutella, Ferrero UK & Ireland

James Stewart, from Nutella, Ferrero UK & Ireland, said: “Whether you’re an early riser or have a favourite morning routine, the research clearly shows that we all have different ways we like to start our day!

“Our research shows that 51 per cent of parents have used the summer holidays to try new breakfast recipes and we wanted to celebrate this by launching our first-ever nationwide tour with our ‘Happy Portion’ van.”

When it comes to enjoying breakfast with the stars, Britons would most like to make small talk over toast with The Queen, Sir David Attenborough and The Duchess of Cambridge.

The research also found that getting up on the ‘right’ side of the bed really does impact your day; with six in 10 believing that getting out a certain side of the bed can make a difference.

While 30 per cent of adults swear by getting out on the left, 35 per cent opt for the right-hand side to give them a positive start to the day.

These are the top 30 rituals for starting the day positively…

1.            Make a coffee

2.            Make a tea

3.            Have a shower

4.            Check the news

5.            Check your phone

6.            Make the bed

7.            Listen to the radio

8.            Watch TV

9.            Say hello to a loved one

10.          Enjoying my favourite breakfast product

11.          Eat breakfast straight away

12.          Having a lie in

13.          Go for a walk outside

14.          Play with your pets

15.          Get a load of washing out on the line

16.          Have breakfast as a family

17.          Walk the dog

18.          Have a cuddle with your partner

19.          Wash hair

20.          Talking to friends / family

21.          Set goals for the day

22.          Keeping the blinds open

23.          Write a to-do list

24.          Do housework

25.          Have a pint of water

26.          Doing the dishes

27.          Read a book

28.          Do some stretches

29.          Cuddles with the kids

30.          Avoid reading the news

Having a shower is another popular ritual for starting the day well


Having a shower is another popular ritual for starting the day wellCredit: Getty

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