Halle Berry Stuns Fans With A Rare Photo Of Her Son, Who Is Look Like Her Twin as He Poses in Shirt on His 8th B-Day.

American actress Halle Berry delighted her fans with a cute picture of her lookalike son Maceo on his 8th birthday, and they took turns gushing about their striking resemblance.  

American actress Halle Berry is known for her incredible talent and has won many awards for her starring in many movies. She is also a mom of two children who she is most proud of.

On Tuesday, Berry’s son Maceo clocked eight, and she did not hold back from celebrating his special day. The beautiful actress shared a picture of her son looking so cute as he posed.

In the snapshot, Maceo posed in the living room looking dapper in a dark brown shirt with multiple ropes. He also wore gloves and made a sign with his fingers while posing.

Maceo matched his stylish top with camo shorts and wore black-and-white footwear. He accessorized his look with an olive green beret, which covered half of his face.

Maceo stood on an off-white wooly rug and smiled as he posed. In the post’s caption, Berry celebrated her son’s birthday by writing:

“this little dude is 8 today! Happy Birthday THUNDER! ❤️.”

Many of the actress’ fans commented on her post and took turns gushing over Maceo and wishing him a happy birthday. They also commented on the striking resemblance and her son.

One fan said it was easy to tell from the photo that Maceo looks just like his mother, while another described him as her twin. A third fan said Maceo looked cool, wished him a happy birthday, and added that he looks just like Berry and is her twin. A fourth fan shared similar sentiments.

An amazed fan said Maceo stole the entire half of his mother’s face while another said he looks like a little Berry. Another fan expressed the same view that Maceo looks just like his mom.

Berry said things were tight for children amid the pandemic and advised her critics to have a laugh and some compassion.

Besides Maceo, Berry is also the mom of a 13-year-old daughter named Nahla. Despite her impressive career exploits in Hollywood, she describes her two children as her proudest achievement.

The proud mom keeps her kids out of the spotlight and has shown her love for her kids multiple times and defended them in the face of criticism. For example, in April 2020, she came to Maceo’s defense after a critic shamed him for wearing heels.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Berry shared a sweet video of the then-6-year-old Maceo trying to walk upstairs while wearing heels.

While some fans found the video funny and cute, others criticized Berry for allowing her son to walk in heels. One fan said there was nothing fun about the clip, while another said they never let their son play in heels.

Rather than trade words with her critics, Berry reminded them that Maceo was only a kid trying to have fun. She also said he was trying to cope with the lockdown as best as possible, and laughter helped a lot then.

Berry said things were tight for children amid the pandemic and advised her critics to have a laugh and some compassion.

Besides defending Maceo, Berry is also never afraid of confronting sexist stereotypes with him. Earlier this year, the 55-year-old spoke about challenging her son’s beliefs about gender.

Berry spoke at “Women Breaking Barriers: An Industry Shift,” a virtual panel that Hollywood Foreign Press Association hosted for the Sundance Film Festival.

While speaking, Berry said she had realized what her job is in raising Maceo. She added that if the world wanted to have a different future, it would start from raising kids properly.

Berry disclosed that she had noticed how her son’s views on gender were implicitly shaped. According to her, she has had conversations with him since he turned five. When they talked about the differences between boys and girls, she saw Maceo was taught to feel superior to girls.

She explained that she had to break things down for him and give him a new perspective. Berry also challenged his thoughts and asked him to identify where they were coming from.

Berry revealed Maceo was beginning to grow as a deep thinker on the subject due to her conversations with him. She said her son would be determined not to accept sexist thoughts and added that she always challenges him.

Berry shares Maceo and Nahla with two different men. She became a mother for the first time in 2008 when she gave birth to her daughter, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend and Canadian model, Gabriel Aubry.

Meanwhile, she shares Maceo with “Unfaithful” actor Olivier Martinez, who she was married to from 2013 to 2016.

Berry has been married thrice, with her marriage to Martinez being the third. Her first marriage was to former baseball player David Justice. They tied the knot in 1993 but separated in 1996 before finalizing their divorce in 1997.

She married for the second time in 2001 to singer-songwriter Eric Benet. Before their marriage, they courted for two years. However, their union did not last as they separated in 2003 before finalizing their divorce in 2005.

Berry’s marriage to Martinez was plagued with multiple issues due to their difficult personalities. They tried to resolve things but ultimately separated three years after marrying.

Despite reports that their divorce has been finalized since 2016, Berry and Martinez have been locked in a long-drawn divorce and custody case, which remains ongoing.

In August 2020, reports emerged that the actress had filed to represent herself in her divorce case with Martinez instead of using an attorney.

In June 2021, Berry and Martinez, who share joint custody of Maceo, agreed to a new arrangement to ensure they both take him on fancy vacations.

Berry is not pleased with the number of failed marriages. She once said she has learned to deal with them though it had not been easy, especially with kids involved.

Berry also said she had often felt guilty and responsible for her crashed marriages, adding that she had suffered much pain and anguish.

Her solution to dealing with those feelings is being a mom to her children. Hence, she does everything she can to raise them well and has done a great job at that so far.


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