Hallmark Channel Summer Nights Finale Is Journey Of My Heart

The Hallmark Channel has added Journey of My Heart to the Summer Nights programming, which will air before Fall Harvest begins. The movie tells a story of taking risks, awakenings and, of course, romance. The female lead is Abby, a wildlife biologist, who has time for nothing else in her life, until she meets Eric, who could change her life forever, if she takes the chance. The film was originally titled Love on the Wings of Eagles.

Who Stars In Journey Of My Heart On The Hallmark Channel?

The lead of Abby is played by Rhiannon Fish (The 27-Hour Day, The 100), while Eric is played by Darien Martin (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, V.C. Andrews’ Pearl in the Mist). Others in the all-star cast include Paul C. Grenier (The Killing, Indian Road Trip), Ray Thunderchild (Pathfinder, Blackstone) and Grace Dove (The Revenant, 13 Steps). Also starring are Mark Brandon (Riverdale, The Flash), Bethany Brown (Charmed, The Astronauts), Marion Eisman (Riverdale, Away), and Dan Payne (Good Witch, Christmas She Wrote).

Synopsis Of The Summer Nights Movie

According to Hallmark’s website, Abby is a dedicated wildlife biologist at the North Star Wildlife Institute. In fact, she is so dedicated to her work that this interferes with her personal life. Abby’s research on the migratory and mating habits of eagles leads her to Alaska. Here, she meets Niko and Ellen Rivers, owners of the Lakeside Resort, along with a rugged wilderness guide, Eric.

Niko and Ellen introduce Abby to Jaco, a tribal elder who gives her insights into her mission to locate the eagles’ nesting area. With this inspiration, Abby becomes even more fascinated by her work and gets better acquainted with Eric. Eric explains that this is Native American country and is a tough and dangerous hike. Could he be someone she can make a lifetime commitment to? Alternatively, could an unfortunate incident push Abby back into her former workaholic routine?

Readers Can Enjoy The Hallmark’s Trailer For Journey Of My Heart Here:

Hallmark Channel – When Does Journey Of My Heart Premiere?

Journey of my Heart is the final movie in Hallmark’s Summer Nights programming and premieres on Saturday, September 4 at 9 pm ET. The film will encore on Sunday, September 5, at 6 pm, Thursday, September 9, at 9 pm, Sunday September 12, at 12 pm and Saturday, September 18, at 5 pm ET on the Hallmark Channel.

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