Hallmark’s New Competition GAC Already Filming New Holiday Movies

Any Christmas movie fans who wondered if former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott’s new network, GAC, would be airing Christmas movies, that answer is already here. Yes, they have actually completed one Christmas movie, and getting set up for another. Moreover, some Hallmark fan favorites are involved in GAC productions.

Here is the latest information. Maybe one of your favorites is making a movie with GAC?

Hallmark’s Jen Lilley Announces She Made GAC Christmas Movie

Wonder when former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott will make a Christmas movie? How about now? Jen Lilley was just on the Hallmark Happenings Podcast. There, she announced that she is set to shoot Royally Wrapped Christmas. Who doesn’t love royal Christmas movies?

The A Little Daytime Drama actress did not offer up any other details. However, this news reveals that GAC is ready to come in with some heavy hitters. Jen Lilley is a top talent.

Hallmark’s Christmas Walz’s Michael Damian Directed New Movie For GAC

Last holiday season, Hallmark’s top holiday movie was Christmas Waltz. This fan-favorite was directed by Michael Damien. Now he has been working for GAC. According to the director, he has just completed filming a new GAC Family movie. The Young and The Restless alum tweeted, “Wanted to update you all that we wrapped our new Christmas movie releasing this holiday season (announcement coming soon) and are in post-production and will soon start our @lindsaylohan @Netflix Christmas event movie! @MPCA_BKTV @GACfamilyTV.”

According to the Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing! Twitter handle retweeted the Christmas Waltz director’s tweet, along with more information on the movie. “Much Ado About Christmas, originally developed for Hallmark when GAC president Bill Abbott was there, also seems to be headed to the new network, per director Michael Damian’s tweet.”

This certainly sounds like former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott is still in contact with some of his Hallmark talent. Based on this, we can also assume that there are no issues with Abbott picking up a project originally meant for his old employer.

In addition, we can assume that Much Ado About Christmas should be part of the 2021 GAC Christmas movie lineup. Michael Damian has reported that the movie is in post-production now. There is plenty of time to get this movie ready for Christmas.

Meanwhile, Michael Damian is getting ready for the Netflix Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie. This is her first holiday movie, and it will be directed by Michael’s wife Janeen Damian. However, it is not slated to air until 2022. In addition, Christmas Waltz fans are still waiting to hear if Hallmark will give them a sequel. Damian has hinted that there may be some news. But, Hallmark has not said anything.

What Will Christmas 2021 Look Like?

Hallmark Christmas movie fans appear to be the winners in this race. Since both Hallmark and GAC are making Hallmark-styled holiday movies, there will be more movies now than ever. Also, the actors have more places to film this style of movie. This seems like a win/win situation.

Soon, both Hallmark and GAC will release their holiday movie schedules, so fans can pick and choose which network will have the movies they want to see this Christmas season.

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