Hallmark’s ‘Redemption In Cherry Springs’ EPed By Real Life Olivia Pope

Hallmark’s Fall Harvest 2021 includes a cornucopia of romances and Signature Mysteries. However, nothing is as highly anticipated as Redemption In Cherry Springs. That is because the “real-life” Olivia Pope, Judy Smith, is producing this movie and series.

Redemption In Cherry Springs stars Rochelle Aytes (S.W.A.T., A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado), Keith D. Robinson (Christmas at The Madison, Parts 1 & 1, Saints & Sinners), Hanna Lee Sakakibara (Rock Of Ages, Flashout), Rajiv Sharma (Shevenge, Star), Frankie Faison (Fatherhood, Grey’s Anatomy), Jace Bently (New Amsterdam, For Life), Scott Bryce (As The World Turns, Beacon Hill), Hannah Barefoot (King Richard, Good Girls Revolt), Keith Miller (Casa Grande, Red Ruby), Brinda Dixit (Magic Hour, Early Adopter), Eric T. Miller (Mare Of Easttown, Halston), Eliazar Jimenez (Paulie & Jake, Never Rarely Sometimes Always), Adam Courtney (I’m On Fire, Max Lewis), Kent Moran (The Challenger, Transcoder), CJ Lindsey (Adulting), Anthony Zambito (Boomer Stoop, Evolving Empathy), Kelly Mulvihill (The Perfect Murder, My Better One), and Tania Verafield (Bullet Train, Proof Sheet).

Here are the details of Hallmark’s new Signature Mystery, Redemption In Cherry Springs.

What Is Hallmark’s Redemption In Cherry Springs About?

Redemption In Cherry Springs is Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ latest Signature Mystery. What do we know about the story? According to the synopsis, Melanie (Aytes) is an award-winning, investigative journalist in Boston. She now returns home to her small town of Cherry Springs. Melanie needs a break after the fallout from a major story.

Her Uncle Joe (Faison) is thrilled to have his niece home as she’s his only remaining family after Melanie’s mother passed away. However, her quiet visit home quickly becomes anything but that when her childhood friend Tony (Sharma) suddenly goes missing.

Melanie uses her investigative skills to unearth the facts surrounding his disappearance. However, this is much to the dismay of Jake Collins (Robinson). In addition, he is the new detective in town who’s on the case. While Jake doesn’t approve of her methods, he can’t deny Melanie’s contributions are helpful.

Working together, they follow a path of twists and turns until they uncover the shocking truth.

When Does Hallmark’s Redemption In Cherry Springs Premiere?

Redemption In Cherry Springs premieres on Sunday, September 12, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Encore showings include Monday, September 13, at 5 p.m., Saturday, September 18, at 9 p.m., and Wednesday, September 22, at 5 p.m., all times Eastern.

On premiere night, make sure you join your Hallmark friends and the cast of the movie on Twitter, Use the #Sleuthers hashtag. Discuss the movie, learn some fun behind-the-scenes facts, and figure out what is a red herring and what facts lead you to solve the mystery!

‘Real Life Olivia Pope’ Producing Series Of Melanie Abrams Stories

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries fans should be delighted to know that Redemption In Cherry Springs is the start of a series of movies about investigative journalist Melanie Abrams. Moreover, the “real-life Olivia Pope,” Judy Smith, is behind this new Signature Series.

According to Yahoo, the “world-renowned fixer” has now moved on from managing the reputations of Fortune 50 CEOs to working with Hallmark. Moreover, this movie is the first of this series. There will surely be more to come in 2022!

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