Hallmark’s ‘Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone’ From Phaedra Patrick Novel

Ready for a story about family, forgiveness, and finding your own way? Then you must see Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone, on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. This new gem stars Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do!, Christmas Connection, Council Of Dads), Mía Maestro (The Strain, Mayans M.C.), and Ella Ballentine (The Dark and the Wicked, The Monster).

In addition, Phaedra Patrick wrote the novel, now Hallmark has turned this warm and romantic story into a movie.

Everyone’s favorite Aurora Teagarden police detective, ex-boyfriend, Peter Benson (Arthur), is directing this movie. He crushed it with Sweet Carolina. Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone promises an equally emotionally family journey, with the payoff of love.

Ready to learn more about this new Fall Harvest movie?

What Is Hallmark’s Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone About?

According to the Hallmark synopsis, Benedict Stone (Scott) and his wife, Emilia (Maestro) have separated after 10 years of trying for a baby. Benedict wants Emilia back, but Emilia needs space to figure out what she needs.

So, when Benedict’s teenage niece Gemma (Ballentine) mysteriously arrives on his doorstep his life is turned upside down. Benedict and his brother have been estranged for two decades but Gemma assures him her dad knows she’s there.

Benedict is a jeweler and Gemma loves gems. The two instantly bond.

When Gemma finds out that Benedict and Emilia are separated, she makes it her mission to get them back together. Love conquers all, doesn’t it? Gemma coaches Benedict to fight for his love. He follows her. Is Gemma right? Can everything be repaired again?

When Can You Watch Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone?

You can watch the premiere of Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone on Sunday, October 3, at 9 p.m., on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Currently, the network has not listed any more showings. They will likely include those dates once the Miracles of Christmas movies, including times and dates, are announced.

In addition, jump onto Twitter on premiere night. Moreover, this is where all the Hallmark viewers tweet their questions, comments, and thoughts about the movie premiered. Lastly, join those friends and enjoy your movie-watching experience!

Author Phaedra Patrick Excited For Hallmark Adaption

Phaedra Patrick, the author of Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone, is thrilled about the upcoming Hallmark movie. Subsequently, on Twitter, she wrote, “The @hallmarkmovie trailer for Rise And Shine Benedict Stone based on my novel.”

This is Patrick’s second book, a bestseller. Back in June, Phaedra announced to all of her fans on Twitter the big news. “FILM NEWS!!!! I’m delighted that @hallmarkmovie  are making my 2nd novel Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone into a film! What a fantastic cast. It’s going to be gorgeous.”

It certainly is!

Be sure to catch the premiere of Rise And Shine, Benedict Stone on Sunday, October 3, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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