Hallmark’s The Nine Lives of Christmas Will Get a Sequel This Year

Fans of Hallmark’s The Nine Lives of Christmas (and other cat people) will be thrilled to hear that another movie is in the works.

Over a year ago, actress Kimberly Sustad had shared that she was working on a sequel to the Hallmark film, The Nine Lives of Christmas. As per a recent production update, that sequel to the beloved movie is now officially in the works. Even better, it sounds like it will premiere this year, in time for Christmas.

Hallmark Channel Spoilers – Sequel To The Nine Lives Of Christmas

In an update released by Production Weekly, it was announced that the title of the sequel will be The Nine Kittens of Christmas. Reportedly the casting director is Jackie Lind and filming will start soon.

As for the plot, it seems the main characters, played by Kimberly Sustad and Brandon Routh, have been having problems in their relationship since the last movie. Naturally, kittens will be involved, so their characters of Marilee and Zachary will have something sweet to share. While fans might be disappointed that their happily ever after isn’t what they expected, it certainly will make the storyline interesting.

Hallmark Channel Spoilers – Kimberley Sustad On The Sequel

Previously, Sustad had announced that she was working on the sequel on The Bubble Sesh Podcast. Towards the end of the podcast she said that The Nine Lives of Christmas sequel was in development and that it was looking good.

Kimberly said she was really excited to “put that character back on,” but that there was some apprehension, because of how popular the first film was. However, she feels the film will be very nostalgic and in the “true manner of the voice and the feeling of that movie.”

Looking back on the first movie, Sustad did say that she realized that the fans’ favorite part of the film was the cats. She said they completely upstaged her and Brandon. Naturally, with the film being about kittens, fans will be happy to see the sequel. However, Kimberly’s favorite part of the original movie was that closing scene, where they climb into the fire truck and finally kiss. She said it was “so epic.”

Sustad said it was so romantic, when Brandon climbed up to the “height of that, all the way up the fire truck.” He then declared his love for her character, which she felt was her “Pretty Woman” moment. She truly loved that.

Readers, if Kimberly and Brandon’s characters are not romantically involved in the sequel, do you think seeing lots of kittens on the Hallmark Channel will make up for that? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

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