Halloween Is Coming, and TikTok Users Are Hunting Down a Ghost Rug

The ghost rug is sold by Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. The rug is now hard to find in any stores, and is being resold online for prices that far exceed the $25 that it originally went for.

“Spooky babes don’t want boys, spooky babes want the ghost rug from Marshalls,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“I am going to riot if I don’t find this gd ghost rug from Marshalls,” another added.

“Really hate TikTok sometimes because they make something popular and now you can’t find it anywhere,” a third user added in a tweet. “Then resellers sell it 5x the worth. I just want my ghost rug.”

Clearly, the rug is not as widely available as it once was now that it’s gone viral online.

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