Halloween recipes to try at home – from hellfire chicken wings to pizza skulls

If you’re having a Halloween party at the weekend and are lacking some food inspiration for what to cook for your ghoulish bash, then no worries as we have you covered!

We’ve uncovered five frighteningly tasty dishes that will have your tastebuds tingling and your mouth watering this spooky season.

Whether it’s sweet or savoury, and for the guys or ghouls in your life, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.

From hellfire chicken wings, to pizza skulls and spider cookies, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

So get reading, starting cooking and trick or treat yourself with this lot!

1. Hellfire chicken wings

Get flaming hot with these hellfire chicken wings

These hellfire chicken wings, designed by the folks at Traeger Kitchen, are perfect to get your mouth aflame for your spooky evening.

To cook them, you’ll need chicken wings, vegetable oils, lots of seasoning and hot sauce!

Simply pile them high on a serving plate if you’re having a party, or why not kick up the heat and enjoy them with some spicy rice and corn on the cob if it’s a smaller feast.

You can find the full recipe here.

2. Pizza skulls

Pizza skulls
These pizza skulls are great for the guys and ghouls in your life

Pizza skulls are one of the biggest Halloween food trends on TikTok right now.

According to online cake shop Jack & Beyond, videos with the #pizzaskulls hashtag have racked up more than 800,000 views recently.

The scary but tasty food item are apparently very easy to make, although you will need to get yourself a skull-shaped pan, like this one on Amazon.

You can check out tutorials on TikTok on how to make them, such as this one from @hall0weekspirit.

Or if you’re vegan, head on over to The Vegan Zombie’s YouTube video for his version.

3. Baked pumpkin cheesecake with cookie crust

Baked pumpkin cheesecake with cookie crust
This cheesecake with impress your friends this Halloween

If you want a creamy, decadent and down-right delicious Halloween desert, this recipe, concocted by Traeger Grills, may just become your new favourite.

Rich, homemade pumpkin cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust and a hardened chocolate exterior tasty enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

You’ll need to stock up on the Oreo cookies (and pumpkin obviously) for this one!

It’s definitely worth the effort though, as it’s sure to impress!

You can find the full recipe here.

4. Candy apples

Candy apples
You can’t have Halloween without candy apples

Is it really a Halloween celebration if candy apples aren’t involved?

It’s pretty easy to make these delicious holiday treats – you just need apples, caster sugar, lemon juice, golden syrup and optional food colouring.

Also don’t forget the lolly sticks to stick them on!

You can check out foodie Instagram accounts, such as @sugargeekshow for full recipes on how to make them, or why not check out this tutorial from TikTok user @marleyrose.

5. Spider cookies

Spider cookies
Spider cookies are a hot trend on TikTok

Spider cookies are another big TikTok trend for Halloween, gaining more than 1million views on the social media site recently.

One of our favourite tutorials on how to make them is from TikTok user @sweetportfolio, who takes her 1.3million followers through each step on how to make them.

The process is rather simple – with foodies first having to melt chocolate buttons in a microwave.

You then get a Reeses cup and coat that with the melted chocolate to stick it onto a choc chip cookie.

Foodies then make edible ‘eyes’ before piping on the spider legs with chocolate.

Obviously, if you want to go the whole hog – you can make the cookies yourself too!

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