Halsey On Her Plans To Expand Her Family Alongside Her Tattoo Collection

Halsey wants to keep getting inked, but not until they’re done growing their family. The “I Am Not a Woman, I Am a God” singer, 27, teased that they’re looking forward to adding more tattoos — and children — to their life in the future.

“Got any tattoo plans now you’re not cooking a bb?” a fan asked on Twitter Thursday.

Halsey replied, “I wanna tattoo my whole stomach, but I think I gotta wait until I’m ‘done having kids’ cause some of my existing belly area tattoos have already seen better days.”

Halsey gave birth to her first child, Ender, in July with boyfriend Alev Aydin. She has since shared candid updates about her changing body and general postpartum pressures, even showing off her stretch marks.

“Well…This is what it look like,” Halsey captioned an Instagram pic of her stomach, giving fans a glimpse of the “baby” tattoo on their lower abdomen.

The star — who performed on the most recent episode of “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by Kim Kardashian — also showed off their belly backstage, posting a photo while pumping breast milk ahead of the show.

“I feel guilty for working, I feel guilty when I’m not working. I’m terrified I’ll always struggle to live up to my own expectations,” they revealed to a fan on Twitter who asked about their maternity struggles.

“But I have also experienced love unlike any other and have finally learned how to ask for help and admit when I’m lonely or in need.”


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