Hamptons sculpture ‘Stargazer’ saved by GoFundme donation

A fundraiser to save beloved Hamptons sculpture the Stargazer has reached its goal of $100,000 through a generous donation.

The structure —  a huge ruddy-colored abstract of a deer head on County Road 111 in Eastport that serves as sentry to the Hamptons — had started a GoFundme earlier this summer in order to raise money for a major restoration.

Now we’re told the call for $100,000 has been answered by philanthropist Dr. Harvey Manes through his foundation, Hanes Peace Prize. 

Manes, an orthopedic surgeon, lawyer and art collector — who reportedly owns works ranging from Picasso and Rembrandt to Banksy and Kaws — has donated more than a million dollars to charities through his foundation and will be honored at this year’s Hamptons Fine Art Fair.

The original fabricator of the Stargazer David Morris, 72, spoke with Page Six about the restoration, telling us the sculpture had suffered damage from woodpeckers, moisture and a storm that hit last August.

The 70-foot-by-50-foot piece was designed by the late Linda Scott and was erected in 1991. In the past 30 years, it has found a special place in the hearts of the community.

“I think it means something different to everyone,” Morris told us of the work. “For the people who live out here it means they are home again. For people in the city it represents, ‘We have made it to the Hamptons; we are there.’ When kids in the area are brought up, it has meaning for them and continuity that says, ‘Everything is fine’.”

In addition to the donation from Manes, the GoFundMe raised almost $11,000.

A reception will be held for Hanes at the site of the sculpture on Sept. 12.

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