Hannah Brown Admits She’s Hiding A Secret Behind Her Sunglasses

Hannah Brown is hiding something behind her eyes. The Bachelorette took to her Instagram Stories to share a new selfie. She is sharing one of her beauty secrets. It turns out that the reality star had a rough day.

It’s hard to believe that Hannah struggles with beauty blunders. She comes off as picture-perfect on her Instagram page. But she reminded her fans that she’s just like anyone else. She had to figure out a way to hide something that’s on her face.

Read on to learn more and check out the photo for yourself.

What is the Bachelorette hiding?

On Sunday, September 12, Hannah Brown shared a clip with her 2.5 million followers. She rocked oval-shaped tortoise-shelled sunglasses that featured gold hardware on the bridge. Hannah took a sip out of her black-and-white mug. In her Instagram Story, she revealed to her followers that she was covering up her beauty blunder.

“my eyebrows are so bad I’m wearing sunnies inside,” she wrote in the caption.

The blonde beauty was indoors at what looks like an office or cafe. She wore a white blouse with a bow on the bust and detail on the sleeves. The blonde beauty wore her hair down in soft waves and a middle part. Her nails were painted with white polish and she seemed to enjoy her cup of Joe.

[Credit: Hannah Brown/Instagram Stories]

As you can tell in the photo below, Hannah’s eyes are a little messy and busy. The DWTS champ didn’t have time to groom her eyebrows. So, she found a quick way to keep them covered. She had her stylish sunglasses on hand to save her. Somehow, the sunglasses work and elevate her look.

In the following Instagram Story, Hannah also revealed that her bug bites “have made me want to scream and cry at the same time.” She’s got a few chigger bites while her boyfriend Adam Woolard has about 60 on his ankles. Chiggers are also known as mites who are often mistaken for jiggers, which are fleas.

[Credit: Hannah Brown/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Hannah Brown/Instagram Stories]

Hannah Brown is writing a book

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Hannah Brown announced the release of her first-ever book. The memoir is called God Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life’s Best (And Worst) moments. In an interview with People, Hannah said she learned how to “embrace the messiness and beauty of life.” The 26-year-old talks about her body struggles, depression, faith, and everything else in between.

Hannah wanted to show her fans how she learned to live life on her own terms. Just don’t expect her to have all of the answers. She’s still learning. She wanted to make God Bless This Mess as honest as possible.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Hannah Brown.

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