Hapless man leaves people in hysterics after getting VERY confused about his girlfriend’s tampons

A BOYFRIEND has revealed his confusion over tampons he found in the bathroom… and it’s left people in stitches.

The guy’s issue centres around a couple of letters on the sanitary products – L and R.


A man has shared his confusion about his girlfriend’s tampons on TwitterCredit: EchoXrayMusic/Twitter

Uploading a photo to his Twitter account the man shares his confusion with his 9 K followers.

The man does not seem to realise that R stands for regular and L stands for light, yet seemingly confused he tells followers that he thinks the letters stand for left and right.

He tweeted: “What the heck is the difference between a Left and Right tampon??”

Twitter users responded in hysterics after viewing the post, which received over 120 K likes.

“Poor guy didn’t know women have two vaginas” joked one person.

Another said: “Actually the L stands for loud, like when the flow is audible like an ocean wave, and the R stands for the roar, like when the vag is more of a lion than a pussy, where it’s not like a heavy flow but that it’ll bite you.”

However, the man was not alone in his confusion, with many people tweeting replies to show they were also confused.

“My wife asked me to buy her tampons and I thought the L stood for large pussy and the R was regular so I had to call her ass and ask her what size her pussy is” commented, one man.

Another tweeted: “I FORSURE was today years old ?? Like wtfffff can you PLEASE explain.”

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Twitter users respond to one man's hilarious tweet about tampons


Twitter users respond to one man’s hilarious tweet about tamponsCredit: Getty – Contributor
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