Happy Christmas 2019 : The Beautiful Time Of The Year | Everything You Need To Know


The rounds of “Merry Christmas” will go once when we will celebrate the rejuvenating festival of Christmas.

You may celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus or as a symbol of the resurgence of the sun, the fading away of winter and the arrival of spring and summer.

Christmas a religion-neutral festival.

The very meaning of the word Christmas is mass gathering on the occasion of Christ day. Earlier the festival was experienced more profoundly in the West but today no such strings are attached.

Christmas is experienced with the same enthusiasm in most parts of the world irrespective of the religion. Even in India people celebrate Christmas with all the customs and cultural beliefs.

On the 25th of December, Christmas will be observed around the globe with enthusiasm and outright joy.

The biggest festival for the Christians.

Those who follow Christianity consider Christmas as their biggest festival. They wait for the day for the entire year and devote themselves completely to the celebration on the day. Their God Jesus was born on this day.

Some countries celebrate this festival for days in continuation, they have public holidays for the festival. As a matter of fact, India also provisions for a holiday on the 25th of December.

Customs for Christmas.

This festival is known for its decorations. Fir tree covered in lights is a compulsion as far as the traditions of the west are concerned.

Another tradition is of exchanging gifts among the family members.

Visiting the church is also a custom that is followed by the Christians. They’re at the church among the gathering with a small celebration.

The most awaited person- Santa

For most people, Christmas is directly related to Santa Claus. A bearded man all in red riding an ice cart is a brief description of Santa Claus who is the favorite of children.

It is a common belief that Santa distributes gifts among the people on the eve of Christmas.


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