Harry & Meghan Contemplated A Move Down Under Before Settling In L.A.

Now that we are a year and change removed from the start of the Megxit scandal, different stories have surfaced that clearly indicate Harry and Meghan were looking for a way out way before they left for Canada and eventually settling in Los Angeles. The Governor-General of New Zealand, Patsy Reddy, recently revealed, in an interview, details from a private conversation that he had with the couple. In the conversation, they outright asked him if they could move to the country. This was more than a year before they officially did leave the UK.

An Odd Request


Governor-General Pasty Reddy mentioned that he did not think the couple’s request was a formal one. Remembering that the topic came up when they were having a friendly conversation after Harry and Meghan had toured a national park. He remembers the moment as he mentioned,

“I remember they’d just been down to the Abel Tasman National Park when we sat down and had a drink, and they said that they could imagine living in a place like this and wondered whether we thought it would be theoretically possible. “

Welcoming Them With Open Arms?

Michal Klajban, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Obviously, the idea of living in New Zealand was one that never came to fruition. That wasn’t because the local government denied them the opportunity. At least that’s not what Pasty Reddy remembers. He said, that he told the couple that they could of course explore the opportunity to live in the country. Perhaps, though, Harry and Meghan didn’t feel like the governor-general was giving them enough support on the matter. He remembers that the idea was floated out in an informal way. Not so much a cry for help! Maybe the couple and he were not on the same page!

Why New Zealand?

Michal Klajban, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

New Zealand would’ve potentially made a lot of sense for the couple. It’s hard to remember now what essentially the original idea was. Harry and Meghan had mentioned that they wanted to continue representing “Her Majesty” in their first statement as they flew off to Canada. New Zealand is part of the Commonwealth, it could’ve been a good landing spot for them. Of course, after the Oprah interview, they went from supporting her Majesty to wanting to tear the family apart. So actually staying in a Commonwealth country at that point or even now would be a bit counterproductive.

The Governor-General Wishes Them The Best

Prince Harry arriving at Kew Gardens in London

The Governor-General did take the time to talk about Meghan and Harry as a couple. He took the polite route, as you can probably expect from someone in his position. Saying,

“I thought they were a lovely couple, and I hope they’ve got a great future where they are,”

Meghan & Harry have not said anything about owning homes in other countries. From the looks of things, though, New Zealand is certainly a place that they would consider as a holiday retreat spot. For now, though, they are doing pretty well for themselves in their Montecito home.

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