Has Netflix Renewed ‘Kid Cosmic’ For Season 2? Find Out What We Know

Netflix released the action, adventure, and fantasy series Kid Cosmic half a year ago, and up until now, news of a renewal for Season 2 has been scarce. While the streaming service has kept quiet, it turns out they have renewed the series created by Craig McCracken. Not only has Netflix renewed Kid Cosmic for Season 2, but they have also greenlit Season 3. This will no doubt excite fans of the popular animated series.

Netflix renews Kid Cosmic for Season 2 and 3

Finally, Netflix users will be seeing more of the animated series Kid Cosmic, created by Craig McCracken. While the streaming platform has sat on the good news for a while, the news is that the animated series has been renewed for Season 2. Even better, fans can also look forward to the third season.

Netflix renews Kid Cosmic for Season 2 and Season 3

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Kid Cosmic tells the story of Jo, an enthusiastic and imaginative boy, living with his free-spirited grandpa in a sparsely populated desert town. Finally, Jo’s dreams of becoming a hero seem to have come true. This is after he discovers 5 Cosmic Stones of Power in a wrecked spaceship. However, the aliens want the stones back, so he forms a team of local heroes. Together, they fight to stop an onslaught of alien attacks from stealing back the stones.

What happens in Season 2?

As noted by Deadline, Kid Cosmic returns in September 2021, just as we head into fall. So what is the synopsis for the upcoming season? Read on to find out.

In Season 2 of Kid Cosmic, Jo finds out what it means to be a true leader and go on a space adventure. He and his team of Local Heroes head into space to find the remaining Stones of Power and save the galaxy. It seems he doesn’t have much choice about stepping up as a leader, especially when Erodius the Planet Killer makes his presence known. This Big Bad character gives off definite Thanos vibes and wants those Stones of Power all for himself. In fact, he doesn’t care what he has to do to get them.

Netflix renews Kid Cosmic for Season 2 and Season 3

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Jo and his trusty team will have to go all out to stop Erodius from laying waste to even more of the galaxy. However, they will first have to adjust to being catapulted into space.

Kid Cosmic Season 2 release date and trailer

Fans of the animated series will be thrilled to hear that Season 2 drops on Netflix on Tuesday, September 7. So far, no official episode count has been announced. However, this second season with Jo and his crew will likely run for ten episodes, just like Season 1.

Enjoy the trailer for Kid Cosmic Season 2 here:

Are you looking forward to the second season of Kid Cosmic? Let us know by dropping a comment below. And, just as a reminder, Season 2 drops on Netflix on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

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