Hasan hits back at Twitch outrage over him buying $2.74m Hollywood home

Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker hit back at the outrage about him buying a $2.74 million home in Hollywood, claiming everyone needs to “collectively calm down” and telling haters to “suck his d**k.”

Hasan’s success reached new heights in 2021. He currently has 1.5 million followers and 50,000 active subscribers on Twitch, and the numbers keep on rising. So, it’s only natural that he’d cash in his chips and buy a new home.

However, the internet erupted into a heated debate after an article reported his new home in West Hollywood cost him a whopping $2.74 million, which some people saw as hypocritical given that he identifies as a socialist.

It’s not the first time that’s happened, either. Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez was criticized for purchasing a $2m apartment for the same reason. However, many people rushed to her defense, and they’re doing the same for Hasan.

He’s also been hitting back at the haters himself too.

For the most part, that includes individual responses to fans claiming he’s “disingenuous,” should donate a “significant amount of money” to charity given his riches, and should keep advocating for higher taxes on the rich, including himself.

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Hasan’s new house is a luxurious mansion.

Hasan has responded to this outrage

The essence of the argument against him is simple; essentially, some Twitch fans feel like Hasan isn’t practicing what he preaches, given that he’s apparently indulging in an expensive lifestyle.

Many others have been calling him out on social media, too. They made various points about his situation, and he’s been responding.

In one example, he took a swipe at a user who claimed it was “immoral” for him not to donate significant amounts of money to charity given his wealth, claiming that he donates money both publically and privately.

He wrote: “I do donate, some public, most not. However, this is a f**king brain-dead take that keeps dumbasses thinking Bill Gates is a good guy btw.”

Many other comments followed, including one from a user who claimed buying mansions isn’t how you solve social issues and accused him of only donating to charity to evade taxes.

“You really think doing my personal accounting is valid political critique?” Hasan said in a deleted tweet. “I bought a house for my family. It’s also where I intend to stream every day. Why is this any of your f**king business?

In the end, he said everyone “collectively needs to calm down” and those still after his head can “suck [his] d*ck.”He also joked about what kind of “wonderful, intelligent discourse” would transpire if he decided to upgrade his car.

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Twitch: HasanAbi

Hasan claims he purchased the house not only for himself, but also his family.

Ethan Klein, Ana Kasparian rush to Hasan’s defense

It’s not all about the people criticizing him, though. Many others have been rushing to his defense, including Ethan Klein. “Y’all really think Hasan shouldn’t be able to own a nice house and also champion for the poor and underprivileged?” he said.

“There is a difference between making millions on Twitch and paying 50% in taxes, and Jeff Bezons being worth 150mbillion and paying no taxes,” Klein continued. “Happy Hasan is crushing it.”

Ana Kasparian, the host and a producer of The Young Turks, also defended her friend and former colleague.

“I’d like to congratulate Hasan for building a successful career,” she said. “Enjoy the home. Nothing wrong with having nice things.

They’re not the only ones to support him either.

Many fans and neutral viewers agree with them too. So, while the conversation will likely rage on throughout the week, plenty of people are on either side of the debate. In the end, though, Hasan wasn’t having a bar of it, and he responded to countless comments, including others not included in this article.

It will be interesting to hear what he has to say during his next Twitch stream too.

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