Heavily pregnant woman begs for help as boyfriend goes on benders EVERY weekend as ‘time is running out’ for him

A PREGNANT woman has reached out for help as her boyfriend is insisting on going out every weekend in order to make the most of his time pre-baby.

The distraught mum-to-be explained that she had been with her partner for six months before they decided to start trying for a baby.


The woman explained that as soon as she got pregnant her partner changedCredit: Alamy

She explained that as soon as they found out she was pregnant, everything changed with her partner deciding he needed to go out on a bender every weekend as he was running out of time.

Taking to Mumsnet the woman said: “Before I fell pregnant everything was great. Slowly he started to change even said he didn’t want the baby. He started a new job three months ago and changed more.

“Then out of nowhere he said he feels time is running out and wants to go out with the lads. I let him have a full weekend staying at his mates where he done what he wanted.”

But not satisfied with a one off party weekend, her boyfriend decided to make it a regular occurrence.

She said: “He said he’s gonna do it weekly until baby is here. I told him I think it’s unfair sleeping out every weekend and even his family agree with me.”

The woman then explained that she thought a fear of becoming a father was behind the sudden change in his behaviour.

She said: “I have also had issues with baby and up to a month ago he said he didn’t want her and admitted he is really scared about bring a dad.

“He came to a scan two weeks ago and cried and realised he does want her he’s scared which I totally understand.

I told him I think it’s unfair sleeping out every weekend and even his family agree with me.

“After a series of arguments over him wanting to be out and [making] absolutely no effort with me he’s gone to his sister’s.

“He has been out all weekend again and said he will come tonight and stay.”

The woman was torn as to what to do with the situation and asked other Mumsnet users for advice.

She said: “Question is do I let him continue his blow outs how long do I allow it or do I just call it a day because he’s leaving me at my most vulnerable time?

“I do love him and feel none of my feelings have been taken into consideration at all he’s been very selfish.”

Fellow Mumsnet users had a mixed response to the situation with many saying that the couple moved too fast and didn’t really know each other.

He sounds utterly terrified of the responsibility of being a dad and he’s rebelling against you and acting out.

One said: “The problem is that you got pregnant before you even knew him properly. This is what he’s like.

“And no, he’s not going to be a good partner or a good dad, either. He wants to be out with his mates. You have to plan a life without him.”

Another agreed: “Ask him to leave and not come back until he is willing to be committed to behaving like a man with responsibilities. If he doesn’t come back you know where you stand.

“I think I would also add that he doesn’t get months to mull this over either. The longer he dithers the more harm it will do to your relationship.”

While a third said: “He sounds utterly terrified of the responsibility of being a dad and he’s rebelling against you and acting out.

“I wouldn’t hold out much hope for him to turn around a be a decent partner when baby gets here. He got swept up in the fantasy of playing house and now he’s pondering all the things he has to give up and shitting himself.

“Don’t have babies 6 months into a relationship next time.”

Her partner said he was 'running out of time' and wanted to go out every weekend


Her partner said he was ‘running out of time’ and wanted to go out every weekendCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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