Heidi Montag RIPS Lauren Conrad Apart, Treated Her Like A ‘Dog’

Heidi Montag is the latest celebrity to sit down with “The Father” of the Daddy Gang, Alex Cooper, on “Call Her Daddy.”

The ‘Hills’ star opened up about her childhood, the ‘Hills’ reboot and her ex-bestie Lauren Conrad.

The world was briefly introduced to Heidi in 2004 on MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and more personally from 2007 to 2010 on “The Hills.”

Lauren and Heidi were thick as thieves during the early years of the “The Hills;” however, a certain someone, ehem Spencer Pratt, came in between them.

SPEIDI Senses!


Lauren stepped away from reality TV after the end of “The Hills” while Heidi and Spencer chased fame.

“Speidi” eloped in 2008 and got married again in 2009 in front of MTV cameras. They welcomed their first child, a son, Gunner Stone in 2017.

Surprisingly they are the longest lasting couple from the reality tv series!

While discussing her time on the show with Lauren, Heidi revealed that ‘LC’ threatened to kick her off of the show IF she stayed with Spencer.

“When that whole Spencer thing happened, she’s like, ‘If you date Spencer, you’re off the show,’” Heidi recalled. “How dare you, and I’m not your dog. Yeah, I appreciate you getting me on this show, but that doesn’t mean you own me and you can tell me what to do in my life. I just don’t appreciate that.”

Heidi was quit to add that she’ll always have love for Lauren and is thankful she helped her get her break into showbiz.

“I do have such a love for Lauren, and it didn’t have to go that way. She chose and wanted it to go that way, and then kept following up with that, and then kept blaming things on me and blaming her sex tape on me,” the 34-year-old said.

Heidi also feels Lauren has done herself a disservice in her career admitting that she SHOULD be ‘Kylie Jenner.’

She Should’ve Been Kylie!

Front row at the Rebecca Minkoff fashion show at The Grove

“I feel like Kristin, let’s be honest, is the most successful. I feel like Lauren didn’t make it like she should have. She should be Kylie [Jenner],” she admitted. “She was so good at makeup, she should have done the tutorials. If she had a good team, she’d be a billionaire. She’d be a hundred-millionaire. She is not where she should’ve been at all!”

Heidi plain and simply said, “She should be so rich.”

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