Heidi Montag Undergoes Medical Procedure in Effort to Have Second Child With Spencer Pratt

The Hills stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have been trying to have a second child for years, and the couple revealed on their YouTube channel Thursday that Montag had undergone surgery to help with her chances of a viable second pregnancy. The video documented Montag’s trip to the hospital and her procedure: a hysteroscopic polypectomy, where uterine polyps are moved. These polyps are noncancerous growths that attach to the inner wall of the uterus and can cause infertility.

“I was feeling nervous last night about it, but I’m excited today,” Montag explained after her hospital check-in. “I’m hoping that the surgery works and that this is the only reason I haven’t been able to get pregnant… I’m excited. Please, God, I pray that I’ll be able to get pregnant after this.” Montag and Pratt have one child, a three-year-old son named Gunner.

Before she went into surgery, Montag explained that she wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible. “I’m just reflecting and so thankful,” Montag said. “I think it’s the perfect timing and meant to be. I’m so thankful I didn’t have other problems and complications from this.” Once the surgery was over, Montag suffered few side effects and couldn’t wait for the next step in the process. “I can have intercourse in two days, and I’m ovulating, so hopefully this is the time,” she explained. “I’ll just have a little bit of bleeding for the next few days, and then I should be good to go.”

The Hills alum has opened up about the importance of motherhood in her life in the past, ever since her son Gunner’s birth in 2017. Montag admitted on The Hills: New Beginnings that being a mom did cause some “severe anxiety.” Montag told Paper in 2018 that she didn’t have a nanny for Gunner because she was “not ready to share him.”

“It’s weird to think I was a person before Gunner,” she admitted. “I’ve always wanted a family. I’ve been with Spencer for 11 years now, so I told him, ‘You had me alone for 10 straight years.’ We have a great marriage, and it was the perfect time for us to move into this next chapter.”

Heidi told Paper that she felt like her true purpose in life was to be a mother. “Gunner’s given me a whole new strength that I didn’t know,” Montag said. “I feel like I am stronger than I’ve ever been emotionally. At the end of the day, I’m his mom, and that’s my main priority.”

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