Heidi Montag Undergoes Surgery In Hopes Of Baby #2

Heidi Montag is taking a lot of risks to in an attempt to have a second child with her husband Spencer Pratt. The couple recently uploaded a video to their YouTube channel where Montag got candid about what was about to take place. The 34-year-old was undergoing a hysteroscopic polypectomy procedure. The procedure was meant to get rid of non-cancerous uterine polyps. “I’m excited, I’m all checked in,” shared Montag as she stood outside of the hospital. “I was feeling nervous last night about it but I’m excited today and I’m hoping that the surgery works and that this is the only reason I haven’t been able to get pregnant.”

Baby On The Way… Hopefully


The Hills: New Beginnings stars share a son Gunnar, 3, and have been working on baby #2 but the couple has been struggling. They hold nothing back from fans on their YouTube channel as they have shared that more kids are definitely something they both want. Montag noted that the surgery is coming at the “perfect time” and it is “meant to be”. The video also shows Montag after the surgery where she assured her fans that she is feeling good and is still happy to have undergone the procedure.

Please Stop There

Heidi Montag and family out and about

In true Heidi & Spencer fashion, she got a little too real with her fans when she shared that not only is she “ovulating”, but she and Pratt have been given the “OK” to “have sex” in as little as “two days”. While we can acknowledge that she just came out of a surgery we don’t know if this can be blamed entirely on being loopy. The couple are known for being a bit too TMI sometimes. The video ended with the soon-to-be pregnant reality star meeting up with her son and husband for a bite to eat after her successful day procedure.

Reality TV Love

Montag and Pratt met in 2008 while they both appeared on Laguna Beach spinoff The Hills. Montag was friends with Lauren Conrad who was dating Brody Jenner who was friends with Pratt. The only relationship that stayed intact from that mouthful was Pratt and Montag. The couple’s relationship has lasted longer than most would have thought so a second child seems logical and exciting! Pratt shared in May that “working as hard as possible” on a second child but have been coming across some “challenges”.

Crystals To The Rescue

Heidi Montag

Pratt has never shied away from new-age interventions when life was getting hard. In fact, many fans of the show laughed at him when he embraced crystals as a way to ease through his battles at the time. It’s not shocking now that the Pratt Daddy founder and his wife have “tried different lifestyles and everything we could think of” to help produce a child. He admitted they are “still working on that one.” Montag shot down pregnancy rumors in February and now that fans know that conceiving a second child for them has been extremely hard, it might be time to stop asking her if she is pregnant.

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