Henrico School Virginia prank at board meeting goes viral

Well, this is awkward. A video has made its way online of a school board member getting pranked after reading out a bunch of questionable names.

A school board in the US was more than three hours into its meeting when something very awkward happened.

It was up to the part of taking public comments when the chairman began to read out the names of those people who submitted questions to come forward.

The only problem is, those people didn’t exist, and the names he was calling was what you would expect from a group of teenage pranksters.

Or as some Reddit users have described it – “getting pranked Simpsons style”.

The unfortunate incident took place last Thursday at the Henrico School in Virginia following serious discussions about Covid-19, a return to school and transportation issues.

After a woman spoke before the board, board chairman Roscoe D. Cooper III began reading names of members of the public wishing to speak before the board at the meeting.

In the video, which has been shared on YouTube, the first name he calls out is Phil McCracken, followed by Suk Mahdic, Ophelia McCaulk, Eileen Dover, Don Kedik and Wayne Kerr.

Missing from the roll call was also Mike Hoc, Oliver Klozoff, Seymour Buttz and Mike Rotch.

The chairman didn’t appear to understand the type of names he was calling out and continued to mark off each name as he read them out loud to fellow board members and the gallery.

The footage has since made its way onto social media, with a YouTube clip clocking more than 127,500 views and attracting hundreds of comments.

Henrico Citizen, a local publication in Virginia, managed to get its hands on the footage and uploaded it to the platform.

“I love the combination of his calm, deep voice,” one person wrote.

“This video is the highlight of my life since the pandemic started,” a second person added.

While some condemned those behind the prank, others saw the funny side to it, thanking the “nine-year-olds who pulled it off”.

“The kids that submitted these names are the future of the US I hope for,” one person said.

“Bart Simpson strikes again!” said another, while a third added: “Pretty sure Phil McKraken posted it.”

Others described the prank as “tremendous”, “classic” and “gold”.

“Life is better now because this happened,” one person said.

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