Henry Cavill’s New Apple Spy Film ‘Argylle’ Has Begun Filming In U.K

Henry Cavill’s new spy film, Argylle has begun filming. This Apple film also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, John Cena, Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Rockwell, and the acting debut of singer Dua Lipa. The songstress will also provide original music for this movie.

What are the details around Argylle and when should fans expect to watch this new kind of spy thriller?

Matthew Vaughn Has Begun Filming New Apple Movie Argylle

According to KFTV, Henry Cavill’s highly anticipated new spy film. Argylle, has officially begun shooting. This highly anticipated Matthew Vaughn-directed, Apple TV+ movie is set to air sometime in late 2022. Based on the still-unpublished book by first-time writer Ellie Conway, this is the story of “the world’s greatest spy.”

The description of the plot is quite vague. Argylle tells the story of a novelist, who happens to have amnesia. As he starts to regain his memory, he realizes he is the super spy, the “eponymous Argylle.” The adventure continues around the world, including London, America, Rome, and other exotic locations.

According to Deadline, director Matthew Vaughn is quite excited about the new film. “When I read this early draft manuscript I felt it was the most incredible and original spy franchise since Ian Fleming’s books of the 50s. This is going to reinvent the spy genre.”

They plan to make three movies in this new franchise.

Where Are they Filming Argylle?

Argylle is an international thriller. Will this Apple movie be filmed mainly in the United Kingdom? According to the most recent report, they are using three UK studios “in total.” Those studios are in Greenford, Park Royal, and Bovingdon.

In addition, they have taken “plate shots” in Greece and the United States. This means that they filmed location shots from these destinations.

It appears that during this time of Covid and changing travel restrictions, they may have chosen to film the entire movie in the United Kingdom.

Cavill Fandom Confused, Cavill Fandom’s ‘Lady Whistledown’ Cautions

One thing is for certain, Henry Cavill fans are confused. All of these locations are West and Northwest of London. However, this seems to contradict his, what the Deux Moi calls “Henry Cavill’s probably fake gf” Natalie Viscuso’s social media. Just recently she posted Henry’s beloved American Akita, Kal, and her French Bulldog, Meat. They photographed the rugby-watching posts in a doxxed rental house in Surrey.

With the latest news, message boards are lighting up with questions. Would it make sense to live in a £10,000 a month, six-bedroom, rental home that is a half-hour to 45 minutes away from two of the studios?

However, the Lady Whistledown of the Henry Cavill fandom, amysteryisstillafoot, advises the fandom to “be skeptical.” In addition, this Surrey location is likely closer to Henry’s next project, Enola Holmes 2, which begins filming sometime in October.

But, the entertaining Cavill prognosticator is also curious to understand why Legendary is ok with their VP of Television and Digital Studios being away from work for such a lengthy time. Although the second Enola Holmes movie is produced by Legendary, it is by the Movie Division. Viscuso works for the Television division.

Who Is Argylle?

Now for the final question. Which star is portraying the greatest spy ever? We are talking about the incomparable Argylle? Is Henry Cavill the lead? He has been the lead name.

Giving us another clue to his role, The Witcher star has been busy preparing for the film’s action scenes. That could make him sound like the lead. Yet, that could also mean he is playing the bad guy. Everyone loved him as August Walker in Mission Impossible: Fallout.

However, there is also talk that it could be John Cena. There are even rumors of a third possible plot twist. Could Bryce Dallas Howard actually be the super spy?

Whatever the case, viewers will need to wait until sometime late in 2022 to see the premiere.

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