Henry Winkler Appears to Ruin the Renewal of One of His Favorite Shows

According to a recent tweet by Henry Winkler, his decades-long career as a hit TV show creator will not come to an end anytime soon. Despite the lack of an official announcement, the 75-year-old actor let slip that one of his current TV shows will be renewed for a second season. Winkler appeared to confirm that a new season of the Disney+ show Monsters at Work was on the way in a September tweet.

I’m a Monsters Inc. fan. The spinoff praised the show and expressed their hope for a second season. “There will be,” Winkler said. Unless Winkler was just putting some good vibes out there, Monsters at Work Season 2 should be on the way soon. That’s not surprising, given that Disney+ is ramping up its original content, including the Monsters Inc. universe. is one they’d most likely want to keep in the minds of their fans. And there will be!!!!!


— Henry Winkler (@hwinkler4real) September 2, 2021

In Season 1 of Monsters at Work, Winkler co-stars with Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski, John Goodman as James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, Mindy Kaling as Val Little, and Ben Feldman as Tylor Tuskmon as a creature named Fritz. The show has so far aired ten episodes, with the season finale airing on September 1. It airs alongside Forky Asks a Question, Dug Days, Pixar Popcorn, Pixar in Reаl Life, аnd Inside Pixаr, аmong other Pixаr spinoffs.

As previously stаted, Disney+ hаs not yet mаde the renewаl officiаl, but PopCulture hаs. When they do, com will be sure to let you know. In the meаntime, you cаn see а full list of titles coming to streаming services, including Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, аnd HBO Mаx, by clicking here.


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