Here are the Things a Flight Attendant would want you to stop doing as a passenger

Being part of cabin crew is no easy task, racing up and down the aisle for hours on end, responding to every passenger’s need and having to keep smiling no matter how obnoxious they are.

Well, flight attendant Caroline (@xoblondevoyage) has shared a lengthy list of things she and her colleagues would prefer travellers would stop doing right now to make their job a little easier.

Speaking to Insider, she went through everything from removing shoes during a flight to wearing headphones while trying to have a conversation with them.

Here are some of her biggest pet peeves:

Poking cabin crew for attention

Caroline said: “When I asked coworkers what their No. 1 pet peeve was, this was it.

“I truly don’t know why people think poking or grabbing someone is OK on an airplane. If you wouldn’t do it in any other customer-service setting, why is the exception on the plane? You wouldn’t grab your server at a restaurant, would you?”

Walking around the plane without shoes on

Caroline explained: “Please stop taking your shoes off midflight and then walking around the airplane barefoot.

“I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen a grown adult walk into the lavatory with no shoes on.”

Using the bathroom right after take-off

Caroline said: “This happens pretty much every flight.

“There’s always a line of people in the back during boarding that makes the process slower. The line grows again the second the seatbelt sign turns off when the airplane levels off.

“Level-off is also when we are trying to get the drink cart out in the aisle to start our service. When we have a long line of people trying to use the bathroom, it’s hard to get the service started.

“The best thing to do is to try to use the restroom in the terminal before you board or wait until we finish our service.”

Ignoring flight attendants at the boarding door

Caroline wrote: “Boarding usually sets the tone for the entire flight, so we really appreciate when you say hello to us.

“You’d be surprised how many people step on board and won’t even make eye contact with us but will still try to hand us their trash on their way in without saying a word.

“We are only human, but if your flight attendants can say good morning to over 200 people in a row, I think passengers should be able to say it back at least once.”

Asking ‘where are we flying over’

Caroline said: “Contrary to popular belief, most flight attendants do not have a set route, so this probably isn’t mine.

“I probably have no clue what we’re flying over. I wish I could tell you, though!”

Not taking your headphones out when speaking to cabin crew

Caroline explained: “Even if your headphones aren’t playing anything, sometimes it’s still tough for you to hear us or realise how quiet you might be talking, so we’d appreciate it if you could take them off while speaking to us.

“It’s frustrating when we come through the cabin to offer you a snack and drink and you just stare at us while we’re trying to get your drink order.”

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