Here is What the Paper Chief Rabbi Gives the Pope Every Year Says

As one may have observed, every year, the Cheif Rabbi visits the Vatican city, and while he is there, he is seen carrying a linen bag from which he would take out a worn-out dusty piece of paper and hand it over to the Pope.

After receiving the paper, the Pope is seen holding it up to sun rays, and after seconds of reading, he would put it down and express his feelings by shaking his head.

This process has been the same for years. It would happen every year between Pope and the Chief Rabbi, so that it is considered a Vatican Palace tradition. But no one knew what exactly the paper said, and it was said to be secret.

On one such annual visit, a newly appointed young priest observed the interaction between the Pope and Cheif Rabbi. He, too, was curious to know what this formality was all about.

So with this curiosity, the young priest finally decides to become the Pope himself one day so that he can find out what the worn-out dusty piece of paper says. And one fine day, his dream finally came true. He became the Pope.

And the day has arrived, Cheif Rabbi has come for his annual visit. He took out the paper from the linen bag and handed it over to the new Pope, who has dedicated his entire life to know what the paper said. So the moment has finally arrived.

The Pope swiftly took the paper, raised it above his head, held it up against the sun rays just like how he has seen it happen over the years, and he finally read what the paper contained. After a few moments, he realized It was the bill for the Last Supper.

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