Here’s How Fans Can Make Life Difficult For A Certain Ed Sheeran Lookalike

Ty Jones, from Manchester, had dreams to work in B&Q or on a fishing boat, but now he’s a full-time lookalike with plans to master his Ed skills – even learning how to play the guitar.

An Ed Sheeran lookalike has revealed that his appearance is both a blessing and a curse as he is forced to live life “in disguise” because the singer’s fans won’t leave him alone.

Ty Jones, from Manchester, works as a full-time lookalike as well as an aspiring actor, and says he is recognised as Ed “on a daily basis.”

He is the same height as the star and has the same facial features, hair colour and mannerisms, which sees people constantly approaching him.

The singer’s followers can get quite intense, with one person crashing their bike after spotting the lookalike and becoming starstruck, while others will cry or start shaking.

Ty even does his food shopping at night just to avoid fans and “keeps a low profile” in casual clothes, sunglasses, a face mask and a hat.

“I’ve had them all, from fans crying and shaking to a starstruck cyclist who couldn’t stop looking and they crashed their bike while still making eye contact”, Ty said.

“It was like a comedy sketch, when I went over to help, they said ‘No way have I just met Ed Sheeran ‘.

“I’ve had crazy numbers of fans follow me in Hackney in London and in Los Angeles, to the point where the team I was working with have had to help me make a dramatic escape plan.”

Prior to his lookalike career, Ty actually had his hopes of working at B&Q or on a fishing boat while he was at school.

He said: “I never expected this, my aspirations in school were quite low.

“My dream job was working in B&Q or working on a fishing boat. Acting was more of a dream than reality back then.”

Ty actually met Ed Sheeran once in 2011 and is due to have a Zoom meeting with him later this month.

Other perks of the job include being sent “free stuff” from brands and fans, as well as being let into clubs and restaurants as a “VIP”.

Ty said: “I was walking past a shisha bar with my friend and a guy got us in, he was in disbelief and sat us at a table.

“By the time I got the chance to speak, I was sitting with the owner, table set, and it seemed too late to tell them I wasn’t him, I was in too deep.

“He then asked if I could follow him on social media, I told him I left my phone on the tour bus but then it started vibrating so we made up an excuse to leave fast before they knew.”

He has even been told he’s more attractive than the star.

He said: “I get loads of compliments from people who claim to have met him and can’t believe how similar we look.

“At my old job, a sweet old lady once said I looked like Ed but was better-looking in her opinion.”

As for the future, Ty has given up on B&Q and is instead working on mastering his Ed skills, even learning how to play the guitar.

He added: “I aspire to master his songs and become a tribute act and also keep trying my hand at acting or different roles in the future.”


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